Are You Feel Bored With Your Pedestal Sinks?

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If the answer Yes for this question, it is right time for redecorating your sinks with a new type. We know that sinks is important element in our home. Every day we use it. We can place this sinks in the bathroom, kitchen or bedroom. This sinks or basin with a faucet is a place for washing face and hand.  This sinks is usually placed in the bathroom, but it doesn’t matter if we place it on other place in our home. Nowadays, sinks is not only for serving its main function for washing, but it play role for decorating room. The right combination of pedestal and sinks will improve our interior appearance. Several materials are used for making this pedestal sinks, such as wood, glass, copper, stainless steel and stone. If you want modern or contemporary style, you can choose glass pedestal sinks. It can make your bathroom more luxurious. It will impress your guests.

Glass Pedestal Sinks

We can find this pedestal sinks in various shape, size and materials. But, they have same principles. They are consist pedestal, sinks or basin and faucet. Other accessories can be added here, such as place for towel and tissue paper. Stone, stainless steel and glass pedestal sinks are widely used in home, office, hotel and apartment.

Glass Bathroom Sinks

Wood can be used for pedestal sinks. But, actually this is not good idea. This material can be easily destroy if every day contacted with water. Moisture condition will expand the wood and reduce the material strength. It is better using glass pedestal sinks or other material type.

Glass Vanity Sinks

If we like classic look, we can choose pedestal sinks that is built using copper. The natural color of copper will bring antique atmosphere. But we must think overall. If the interior of our home have modern style, it is not right to choose this material.

Stone are commonly used for pedestal sinks. This is the old type of pedestal sinks. This material is good and have long durability. The surface of this material is smooth and easy to be cleaned. Similar with copper pedestal sinks, this material can bring classic look, but it’s more modern than copper. If we really want modern look, glass pedestal sinks are the right choice. This type is easy to be cleaned. It has  smooth surface. The weakness of glass pedestal sinks, this material is easy to be cracked. It doesn’t strong for standing heavy load, specially on the end of glass part. So, for better construction, we can combine with stainless steel for its pedestal. Stainless steel has more strength than glass and the construction is more sturdy. But, if we like, we can use glass for both of pedestal and sinks.

Placing glass pedestal sinks in our bathroom will make our bathroom become more stylish and elegant. This pedestal sinks come in various interesting form: circle, rectangle and oval. Each form comes in many color options. We can matching this color with our bathroom color. If we look for luxurious pedestal sinks, choose blue, purple or gold color for your pedestal sinks. These colors reflects luxurious lifestyle.

Are You Feel Bored With Your Pedestal Sinks?: Glass Pedestal SinksAre You Feel Bored With Your Pedestal Sinks?: Glass Bathroom SinksAre You Feel Bored With Your Pedestal Sinks?: Glass Vanity Sinks

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