Smart Way To Organize Bathroom Appliances In Small Bathroom

We will not feel comfortable in our bathroom until we find smart way for bathroom arrangements. If our bathroom size is wide, it give us flexibility for organizing all of bathroom appliances, but if this size is small, it will be challenging for us. How we organize all of bathroom appliances in small bathroom without sacrificing comfort and loose impression is interesting challenging. We can start to do it by restricting number of bathroom appliance we will install and restricting its size when we will buy these bathroom appliances on the store. No matter how cheap and beautiful these bathroom appliances, it will be useless if it doesn’t fit with our bathroom size.

Bathroom Arrangements

First picture show good example how to arrange bathroom appliances in small bathroom. All of bathroom appliances are organized in three sides. Left side for placing water closet. Next side for placing bathroom vanity, towel holder, basin for wash and tissue paper. Right side for placing shower and towel holder. This is one of simple bathroom arrangements. This bathroom is also decorated with hanging lamp with metal cap to show modern style for this bathroom. If we want to install bath tub, we can place on right side near shower. If we want to add window, we can place on left side.

Bathroom Tile Arrangements

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We can optimize bathroom comfort by organizing bathroom wall color, tile choosing and bathroom decorating. These efforts are for creating loose impression on this small bathroom and improve freshness. Bathroom wall color can be chosen in bright color, such as beige, white, yellow and so on. Put bright curtain color on the window. Choose bathroom tile color in bright color too. Bright color, large window and free space as we see on first picture will create larger impression than actually bathroom size. These are principle of bathroom arrangements to make this handle this small bathroom size problem.

Bathroom Floral Arrangements

Bathroom will not be attractive and fresh until we decorate with beautiful theme. We can choose nature theme for decorating. Nature theme, such as flower, bamboo, sun, star, beach, ocean, animal and so on are interesting idea we can consider. Choose in bright color and apply it on window curtain, oversized shower curtain, ceramic tile, flower printing picture with funny frame and put live or fake flower in glass container.

Smart Way To Organize Bathroom Appliances In Small Bathroom: Bathroom ArrangementsSmart Way To Organize Bathroom Appliances In Small Bathroom: Bathroom Tile ArrangementsSmart Way To Organize Bathroom Appliances In Small Bathroom: Bathroom Floral Arrangements

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