Stylish Shower Corner Shelves For Contemporary Bathroom

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Have you installed shower corner shelves in your bathroom? These are very useful for placing all of things you need for taking a bath. It can be combined with towel holder to complete your bathroom facility. We can place soap, shampoo, perfume and razor blade here. Our contemporary bathroom will not looked complete without this small facility. We can place on the corner, both of one or two corner on the opposite position. We can also put it in single, double or triple level depended on how much stuffs will be put here.

Shower Corner Shelves

On the market now, these shower corner shelves are made from tile, glass, stainless steel and plastic. Tile is most common material for making it. If we want our bathroom looked contemporary or modern, we can choose glass or stainless steel. The weakness of glass, this material is easy to crack. So, we must carefully take care these glass shelves. Stainless steel is good too, looked modern and have long durability. If we want to save money, we can install plastic shelves.

Corner Shelves Tile Shower

If we will install glass shower corner shelves on a tile shower, here are the right way. We can use silicone caulk for this purpose. We can find silicone caulk easily on the store.

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Glass Shower Corner Shelves

1. Determine the measure of shower corner shelves. How much corner shelves will we need? Is it for one corner on in double corner? What level will we put? Single, double or triple level.

2. Clean the wall corner where we will place all shelves. This wall corner is usually dirt from soap, dust and shampoo. Clean using water and cloth. Keep it until dry. If this surface is dirt, we will meet difficulty to paste all shelves on this wall corner.

3. Put adhesive tape into shelves surface and then put these shelves into wall corner. If the position has been right, we can remove this tape for pasting these shelves into the wall surface. If necessary, we can add additionally adhesive tape here for making sure that these shelves will paste well on the wall corner surface.

4. After these shelves are put well into wall corner, now use silicone caulk. Apply silicone caulk into all around side of these shelves. Put it into all cavity we can find around these shelves for completing paste into wall corner.

5. Let it silicone caulk in one to two days before we can use these shelves.

We can apply the same procedures for other kind of shelves, such as tile, stainless steel and plastic. Other factor, determine how height these shelves will be install. Don’t too short or too height. Make sure all of your family can reach this position, including your smallest kid.

Stylish Shower Corner Shelves For Contemporary Bathroom: Shower Corner ShelvesStylish Shower Corner Shelves For Contemporary Bathroom: Corner Shelves Tile ShowerStylish Shower Corner Shelves For Contemporary Bathroom: Glass Shower Corner Shelves

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