Tiny Toilet For Small Bathroom

Building and renovate small bathroom is easier and less budget than big bathroom. Small bathroom can be used for kids with all of kids bathroom appliances there or this toilet is for all family member with normal size bathroom appliances, only this bathroom in small size. But, before continuing how to decorate or remodel a small bathroom, it’s better if definition about small bathroom is cleared first. A bathroom is called small if it has dimension less 50 square feet. Maybe it has width 5 feet and length 10 feet or width 6 feet and length 8 feet. If this small bathroom is specially for kids, so a tiny toilet must be there.

Tiny Toilet

To decorate this small bathroom, there are several steps we can do, for example to save space, don’t use large bathroom vanity. Pedestal sink is better. Pay attention on bathroom door. Door on small bathroom can take space up to 25%. It can make difficulty to arrange other bathroom appliances. On this small bathroom, it’s better to arrange tiny toilet, shower and sink in line position along the bathroom wall. Don’t forget to consider the existing window. On small space, window is worth thing. It can make more spacious by passing sun light from outside. It’s better to paint this wall with light color. Dark color will make this bathroom become smaller in feeling. If possible, install ceramic in diagonal position. It can create more spacious impression.

Small Toilet Design

When we will buy tiny toilet for kids, prioritize to choose white color. This color can works with all colors in bathroom. Besides that white color make this tiny toilet is looked clean and bigger than actual size. The main problem on common small bathroom is how to make this bathroom comfortable and it’s not looked crowded. As explained above, all of bathroom appliances are chosen in small size and choose light color as dominating color on this bathroom.

Small Toilet Interior Design

Natural theme, such as leaf, fruit, star, sun, beach, ocean, water and so on are good as theme for decorating this bathroom. White and blurry glass is good to installed on window. It can pass sun light, but people from outside will not able to see inside. It can be combine with light color curtain if necessary. Installing white lamp on ceiling can be considered. Don’t put so many appliances and stuffs here. Only needed appliances may be here.

Tiny Toilet For Small Bathroom: Tiny ToiletTiny Toilet For Small Bathroom: Small Toilet DesignTiny Toilet For Small Bathroom: Small Toilet Interior Design

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