Tips For Decorating Bathroom With Flower

Flower can be chosen to decorate our bathroom. There are two ways to use this flower. First way, we use fresh flower or fake flower and then put it in vase, container or pot. This flower can be put in bathroom vanity or basin wash. Second way, we can decorate our bathroom by using flower theme as bathroom decorating theme. Both of these two types are good for decorating bathroom. On the first way, we can choose fresh flower if we want our bathroom become fresh. If we want decorate with flower but with less maintaining, fake flower is better choice. The weakness of fresh flower, we must replace this flower when this flower become withered. Both of these fresh and fake flowers are good as long as we can create good flower arrangement for bathroom.

Flower Arrangement For Bathroom

On the first way, there so many beautiful flowers can be chosen for decorating our bathroom. Here few flowers list we can consider: cyclamen, fritillaria,muscari, snowdrops, rose, orchid,viola pixie, candy pink rose, dusky pink rose, white rose, mini gerbera, poppies, white hidrangea, cala lilies, black gold fish, fabiola rose and blue iris. These flowers are beautiful. We can choose many types of containers for them:  glass vase, glass pot, clay pot, tea cup, wooden pot, and so on. We can select the right kind of flowers and containers that fit with our bathroom interior. Good bathroom interior needs good flower arrangement for bathroom.

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Fowers In The Bathroom

If we don like use fresh or fake flower as good flower arrangement for bathroom ideas, we can use flower as theme for decorating our bathroom. Look at below picture. This is shower curtain picture with flower theme. On the store we can find this type with various flower pattern and color. It’s good if we place to cover our curtain. Oversized shower curtain is fit for this purpose. Flower theme in bright color is good for creating happiness atmosphere. For completing this bathroom decoration, we can install window curtain in similar theme. Big window curtain with bright flower pattern color is fit to make our bathroom become brighter.

Flower Shower Curtain

Other bathroom appliances, such as towel and mirror frame can be chosen in this theme. Big towel with flower picture is good idea. Mirror above bathroom vanity can be decorated with flower ornamental frame. It will work well here. Bathroom ceramic on the wall can be chosen in flower theme too. We can find the best one pattern in the store.

Tips For Decorating Bathroom With Flower: Fowers In The BathroomTips For Decorating Bathroom With Flower: Flower Shower CurtainTips For Decorating Bathroom With Flower: Flower Arrangement For Bathroom

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