Unique Romantic Theme As Bathroom Decoration Idea

For  young couples, developing romantic bedroom or romantic bathroom will be fun challenging. It’s unique theme, fit for them. Both of bedroom and bathroom use the same theme for it. Romantic theme can be one of great bathroom design ideas that we can explore. Before developing this romantic bathroom theme, there are several things we must consider at the first time.

Bathroom Decoration Ideas

However, this is only one of bathroom design ideas, there are a lot of other bathroom design style again that one day will attract us for following that style. We must determine, how long this romantic theme will be used, how many budget for developing it, how can easy this romantic theme be changed to other theme next time. These three considerations are important before starting creating this romantic bathroom.

Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Actually, all themes that’s applied on bathroom is depended on trend and restricted by period time. So bathroom design ideas will change following time.  If we are a young couple, we realize that someday we will have kids, so this romantic bathroom will not fit again with new condition. This bathroom style is not fit with kids, if this bathroom is used together for all family. Even though our kids have their own bathroom, and we use this romantic room only with our couple, it’s not fit with the next requirement. Our age and emotion maturity will grow. Romantic atmosphere is only fit with the early years of our wedding, but after years that feeling will disappear slowly but sure. We will face new reality that we must responsible with our family needs. So, every day we will fulfill our time for working. We will forget romantic atmosphere, at least it decrease a lot.

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Bathroom Decorating Ideas Pictures

Because theirs is restriction of period time for using it, we must restrict the budget for developing it. Only certain stuff we decorate for adapting with romantic theme, so we are easy if someday will change this style.

Now, if we will create beautiful romantic bathroom, here are few tips:

Wall Color. For showing romantic atmosphere, we can paint our bathroom wall with pink, purple or blue. Other soft colors can work well by adding some romantic elements on the bathroom.

Candles. Romantic atmosphere will not complete without existing of this stuff. Put candle around bath tub and burn it will show dramatic appearance. It’s better if we turn off bathroom lamp while we burn candles or using bathroom lamp with little wattage, so that the existing of this candle can be felt. Some candles come with certain scent. It’s perfect for this romantic theme. We can buy this candle type on aromatherapy store. They sell candle with various scent.

Special Scent Perfume. This perfume can complete romantic atmosphere into bathroom. Selecting the right perfume for it will burn our passion. Just do it and feel it. It will create fun sensation for us and our couple. Perfume with pheromone is best recommended for this purpose.

Photograph. Place our romantic photograph on the bathroom wall. It will remind us about romantic times.

Flower. Beautiful red rose will work well for this purpose. Put several red rose around the bathtub. Flowing warm water into bathtub and take a bath together here, guarantee our passion will increase quickly.

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Unique Romantic Theme As Bathroom Decoration Idea: Bathroom Decoration IdeasUnique Romantic Theme As Bathroom Decoration Idea: Small Bathroom Decorating IdeasUnique Romantic Theme As Bathroom Decoration Idea: Bathroom Decorating Ideas Pictures

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