Antique And Unique Handmade Wooden Toys

Have you ever seen vintage handmade wooden toys? These are kids toys from wood and these toys are handmade product. These are not factory product. These toys are not product in mass product. It’s so why these toys are so special. In some evolve countries, kids like playing these handmade wooden toys. Some are cheap and other type are more expensive. Expensive handmade wooden toys usually are made from high quality wood, complicated design and smooth finishing. In some modern countries, these handmade wooden toys become room interior elements, such as art furnishing articles from wood. Living room with this handmade wooden toys are looked unique and attractive. These handmade wooden toys can be for balancing with factory product.

Vintage Handmade Wooden Toys

On some countries, such as Indonesia, these vintage handmade wooden toys are made from solid wood, such as mahogany or teak. These wood are hard and good for creating this handmade wooden toys. Before these woods are carved, these woods come in wood cutting shape. The artist carves this wood by sharp knife, chisel and hammer . Car, motorcycle and bicycle are favorite shape for this handmade wooden toys. They carve this wood into these shape. After these shape is formed then this wood is painted by melamine. Melamine is chemical liquid for coating this wood with brown color. The advantage of this melamine, this wood pattern will not disappear. We can still see it. It’s different if we use paint. The beauty of wood pattern will disappear.

Handmade Wooden Toys

We can find these vintage handmade wooden toys on the handicraft store. There are many models there. Just choose which you like. If we compare with modern toys, these handmade wooden toys is less perfect in design. Modern toys has a lot of design, style, model and color more than this handmade wooden toys, but this handmade wooden toys has other advantage than modern toys. This is artwork product and it has value more than modern toys. Our living room will be looked strange if we decorate it with modern toys, but it will be looked beautiful if we decorate with this handmade wooden toys. This is beautiful decoration element from wood. It’s more natural than modern toys.

Vintage Wooden Toys

To decorate our living room, we can put this handmade wooden toys on table console. Table console can be placed on the living room corner. Table console from wood or glass are good for this purpose. Combine this handmade wooden toys with table lamp is beautiful. We can also put this handmade wooden toys on book shelves. It can beautify our bookshelves. Other place for putting this handmade wooden toys are on square centre table.

Antique And Unique Handmade Wooden Toys: Vintage Handmade Wooden ToysAntique And Unique Handmade Wooden Toys: Handmade Wooden ToysAntique And Unique Handmade Wooden Toys: Vintage Wooden Toys

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