Beautiful And Elegance Solid Wood Bedroom Design

There are two types of wood that it can be used for making furniture. These are plywood and solid wood. Both of these types has different advantages. Plywood is less budget, but it has no long durability. Solid is the opposite of this plywood. Solid wood is more expensive, but it has long durability. We can combine these wood types when choosing furniture. There are furniture from solid wood and other furniture from plywood. When we plan to create solid wood bedroom design, we can consider this plywood. Wooden box bed, cabinet, wardrobe, table, chair and rack can be chosen from solid wood. And wood flooring tile can use plywood materials. It’s good combinations.

Solid Wood Bedroom Design

It’s better if we choose dark brown color as dominating color for this solid wood bedroom design. This color can reflect natural wood characteristic. Wooden box bed can be painted or melamine. But if we like to show natural wood texture, melamine is better than paint. Melamine is only give brown coating for this wood, but melamine has transparent characteristic, so all of wood texture are still looked from outside. But, if we don’t want to show its wood texture, paint this wood with doff technique is also good. This bedroom furniture will be looked elegance and luxurious.

Solid Wood Bedroom Furniture

Wooden bed box can be focusing point on this solid wood bedroom design. This wooden be d box can come in many various style. Some of them with beautiful ornaments, and other type without ornaments. Modern wooden bed box is usually without ornaments. Modern style is more simple than classic style. If we like modern style, choose without carving or ornaments. If we like artistic appearance, classic or Gothic style are good choice to be considered.

Solid Wood Bedroom Sets

If we like reading a book or magazine in bedroom, we can choose wooden bed box with storage place on this bed side, such as front side, left side or right side. These storage places can be good alternative cabinets or bookshelves. When we will take this book, we are not necessary to walk. Just open and take this book from this bed rack.

Quilted headboard with soft mattress is important part from this wooden bed box. We can rest our back on this quilted headboard when we are reading a book on this bed. This quilted headboard make reading a book become fun activity on bedroom. Besides that, we must consider the existing of bedroom lamp. Measure this bedroom first and then determine number of lamp with the right wattage we need. Beautiful bedroom lamp will increase beauty of this solid wood bedroom design.

Beautiful And Elegance Solid Wood Bedroom Design: Solid Wood Bedroom DesignBeautiful And Elegance Solid Wood Bedroom Design: Solid Wood Bedroom FurnitureBeautiful And Elegance Solid Wood Bedroom Design: Solid Wood Bedroom Sets

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