Beautiful Bedroom For Girls In Pink Color Theme

Pink is favorite color for girls, especially little and teenage girls. This color is felt soft in eyes. From psychology science, there are relationship between color and personality. Color can affect on mood. This color has romantic and tranquility effect. Perfect match with our girls. Other colors can be complement colors for this pink. Pink color can be good theme for girls bedroom. Apply well this theme can create beautiful bedrooms for girls. Starting from the wall, this wall can be painted in pink for the whole side. But if we want to make some variations, we can only paint one or two  wall sides. Other wall sides can be painted in other soft colors, such as beige or blue. That’s right combination.

Beautiful Bedrooms For Girls

Other bedroom appliances, such bed, bedding, pillow cover can be chosen with pink color pattern. Bed legs can be painted in pink or white color. Ceramic for floor can be chosen in soft blue, beige or white color and then we place soft rugs or carpet. Carpet can from synthetic or rubber material. Red or green color for carpet is beautiful to be placed here. Near bed, we can place cabinets. Put table lamp with pink cap color here. On the wall, we can decorate with her favorite poster, painting picture or portrait. These poster, painting picture and portrait can be given pink modern frame from wood. Other wall decoration such as modern wall clock can be considered to be placed here together with these pictures. These wall decorations will also create  beautiful bedrooms for girls.

Beautiful Bedrooms For Teenage Girls

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Big wardrobe in pink or white color can be placed on left or right side near bed. If this girls bedroom is not wide, we can consider to use multifunction furniture here. Wardrobe and bed can be incorporated. When this bed is not used, it can be incorporated by inserting into wardrobe. It will save space. We also need to discuss with our girls. What is her hobbies and stuffs collections. These information are importance for creating the  beautiful bedrooms for girls that fit with her requirement and taste. It’s useless create beautiful bedrooms for girls, if our girls don’t like it.

Beautiful Girls Rooms

Place teddy bear or Barbie doll in pink color if our girls like it. These dolls can be placed in bed or near dressing table. Above dressing table can be installed mirror with pink wood frame. This dressing table can also decorated by putting funny art furnishing articles here. Ornamental animal such as dog or cat from resin is good idea.

Decorate girls bedroom will not complete until choosing the right curtain and valance for this bedroom window. Curtain and valance can be chosen in white and pink color. Large size window for this girls bedroom are good for creating loose or larger impression. Don’t forget to decorate ceiling. Install beautiful hanging lamp with funny theme in cap. We can hang girls toys on the ceiling above her bed. For sleeping lamp, we can install table lamp with LED lamp. LED lamp with soft green, blue and red colors are good choices.

Beautiful Bedroom For Girls In Pink Color Theme: Beautiful Bedrooms For GirlsBeautiful Bedroom For Girls In Pink Color Theme: Beautiful Bedrooms For Teenage GirlsBeautiful Bedroom For Girls In Pink Color Theme: Beautiful Girls Rooms

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