Beautiful Ladder Magazine Rack For Your Room

Are you a magazines reader? Every day and every time you read your favorite magazine. Feeling happy when read. It is about topics you like, maybe about fashion, sport, movie, music, cook and many other topics. After you read, you see that your room is full of magazines. It is destroy the aesthetic appearance. To solve this, you need a place for saving these magazines. Using ladder magazine rack is good idea. This rack doesn’t need extra space. It can save a lot of space. You can place it on the corner of your room or beside your bedroom, so that you can easily take your magazine when you’ll read it.

Ladder Magazine Rack

Usually, this ladder magazine rack is built using wood or stainless steel. Each of this choice has difference advantage. Using wood will safe your money for purchasing it. When the wood come with natural texture, it will improve your bedroom interior.  Ladder rack that is built using stainless steel has longer durability usage. But, it is more expensive. Which will you choose is determined yourself, but make sure that this ladder rack can be harmonized with your bedroom.

Wall Magazine Rack

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You can create yourself if you want, especially for wood ladder rack. You can do it yourself. But it is more difficult for stainless steel ladder rack. Now, measure your room space where you will place ladder magazine rack. Measure accurately. Determine how height you will build. Prepare wood that you will use. Other equipments you need are saw, hammer, nail, paint, brush and sandpaper.

Modern Magazine Rack

Find out wood with texture if you can. Cutting using saw. Create two trunks and several short cutting woods. Then using hammer for nailing this cutting. Two trunks in vertical position and short cutting woods in horizontal position.  Arrange these into stair arrangement. It will be your ladder rack later. Adding cutting wood for bottom place as two legs, preventing this stair from falling down. This is the simple shape for magazine ladder rack. You can imitate magazine ladder rack from above picture if you wish.

After finish, take sandpaper to make smooth all surface of woods. Now take brush and paint. Paint this wood ladder rack. Choose your favorite color as long as fit with the whole interior of your bedroom. After finishing this painting process, dry this wood ladder rack into hot place. Wait until it dries at all. Last, place your new ladder rack on your bedroom. Arrange your magazine in the each of short cutting wood. Maybe you should create more than one ladder rack if one ladder rack is not enough.

Beautiful Ladder Magazine Rack For Your Room: Ladder Magazine RackBeautiful Ladder Magazine Rack For Your Room: Wall Magazine RackBeautiful Ladder Magazine Rack For Your Room: Modern Magazine Rack

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