Contemporary Menly Bedroom Ideas For The Real Man

Are you real man? If the answer is Yes, you must show your masculine characteristic. You must prove that you are a real man in many ways. It can be seen from your car, motorcycle, cloth, shirt, hobby, activity and so on to prove that you are a real man. To express man characteristic, we can do for our bedroom. It’s great idea. It will be attractive challenge us. Contemporary menly bedroom is bedroom style for real man. We will not bedroom with pink theme here. These color theme is only fit for girls bedroom. This bedroom must able reflect and represent the real man soul. On this bedroom, all of bedroom furniture, appliances and decorations reflect man soul.

Contemporary Menly Bedroom

Most of men like practicality and simplicity, especially in this modern era. So modern bedroom interior style with modern bedroom furniture is the right choice for this contemporary menly bedroom. For reflecting the real man soul, avoid from using soft and bright color. Many attractive colorful appearance are not fit for this man bedroom. White, grey, beige or light brown colors are great ideas. To choose man bedroom furniture style, we can prioritize on rectangle shape. This rectangle shape is more fit for man than circle or curvature shape. Circle or curvature shape are soft shape. It’s more for girls. Man world is hard world. Rectangle shape is the right choice.

Contemporary Mens Bedroom

This contemporary menly bedroom will not complete until we complete it with man decorations. What man decorations that fit with this bedroom? Let’s start from picture. On this bedroom wall we can install printing poster that reflect man soul, such as famous poster from Absolute Vodka, smack down sport, racing car, Marlboro ads poster, Harley Davidson, and so on. We can also install modern wall clock that it’s decorated with car or gun picture. On the table near bed, we can put art furnishing articles from metal in gun or pistol shape. It’s very men style.

Modern Mens Bedroom

Wooden box bed, cabinet, table, chair are chosen in dark brown or black colors. Bedding, blanket, pillow cover and window curtain are chosen in simple pattern. Beautiful pattern such as nature theme with flower, bamboo, beach, fruit are not fit for this man bedroom. Simple pattern with line decoration in horizontal or vertical is more fit. Simplicity and practicality are characteristic from man. If we like sculpture, we can put torso statue on the bedroom corner. Torso with man shape is good. Besides that handmade wooden toy in Harley Davidson shape is great to be placed in table.

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Contemporary Menly Bedroom Ideas For The Real Man: Contemporary Menly BedroomContemporary Menly Bedroom Ideas For The Real Man: Contemporary Mens BedroomContemporary Menly Bedroom Ideas For The Real Man: Modern Mens Bedroom

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