Create Fresh And Modern Bedroom Wood Design

As a response for global warming and glass home effect issue, nowadays people like everything that it’s related with nature, such as back to nature and close to nature. This is effort to create healthy environment by minimizing pollution and use organic elements. It’s good effort for creating fresh environment. This concept can be adapted when creating bedroom interior plans. Bedroom wood design is one of the answer for these issue. Wood become the main element in bedroom. Natural color for wood is brown. This bedroom is also use brown as main color. Stay in this bedroom type make us close to nature and feel more fresh, especially if this bedroom is built with open space neat trees around this bedroom.

Bedroom Wood Design

On this bedroom wood design, in the extreme way, floor, wall and ceiling are built from wood. It remind us about home with tree architecture design. On the Floor can be installed wood flooring tile. Wall is built from wood sheets and ceiling with wood roof. Living in this bedroom is very fresh and comfortable. But it’s usually, bedroom wood design keep wall from brick, sand and cement and other elements are from wood. Bed, wardrobe, table and other elements from wood and color is kept in natural wood color. Bedding, blanket, pillow cover and window curtain are chosen in natural wood color theme with some patterns and ornaments.

Bedroom Set Wood

Wooden bed box is the one of interesting stuffs on this bedroom wood design. This wooden bed box can come in several style: classic, modern, ultra modern, Gothic, Victorian, Deco, and so on. People usually choose modern style for creating this bedroom wood design style, because modern style take prioritize on practicality, simplicity and avoid complicated. It’s fit with modern people but they want to live close to nature. This wooden bed box is usually made from solid wood, such as oak or walnut. This is made from high quality wood, excellent design and perfect finishing technique.

Bedroom Wood Floors

Combine this bedroom wood type with open space room is amazing. It will be wonderful and perfect bedroom. Open space can be created by building large window with large transparent glass. This large glass can be functioned as wall. We can enjoy outdoor view with so many trees around this bedroom from inside. It’s very fresh, especially if on this bedroom floor are installed wood flooring tile.

Create Fresh And Modern Bedroom Wood Design: Bedroom Wood DesignCreate Fresh And Modern Bedroom Wood Design: Bedroom Set WoodCreate Fresh And Modern Bedroom Wood Design: Bedroom Wood Floors

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