Elegant And Modern Bedroom Interior From Italian

Alf Da Fre is furniture manufacturer from Italian. This company produce high quality furniture. They create some beautiful designs from classic until modern. Alf Da Fre bedroom set on classic style is decorated with ornamental decorations. Headboard bed is carved with unique style. This bed is made from solid wood. They keep wooden box bed in its natural color for classic style. While we look at modern style, this wooden box bed similar with other modern bed style. They are designed in rectangle shape. Some of them are painted in glossy black. It’s elegant. It’s fit for men bedroom.

Alf Da Fre Bedroom Set

On the classic style, they designed cabinet with simple carving pattern. This cabinet is placed near bed. On this cabinet is decorated with ornamental candles place. Above this cabinet, we can look at mirror with wood carving frame. Besides this cabinet, there’s small table with rack. On this table is decorated with art furnishing article in animal shape. This table is also decorated with table lamp. Italian table lamp with white cap in rectangle or circle  shape is beautiful to be placed here. Alf Da Fre bedroom set is looked designed with high artistic taste.

Alf Da Fre Furniture

Some of modern Alf Da Fre bedroom set are set on black or white color. This is everlasting color. These colors can withstand for long time. It’s wonderful. We can get modern style, but it can be everlasting style. But, actually this is not pure modern style. In this modern bedroom style, we can find ornamental crystal hanging lamp. As we know, modern bedroom style should use modern hanging lamp, but here they use ornamental crystal hanging lamp. There are influence from classic style. On other modern bedroom style, for lamp, usually they use modern lamp, such as hockey puck light or other modern lamp shape.

Wooden Italian Bedroom Design

Alf Da Fre bedroom set is unique. It can be good reference when we will decorate our room. Their bedroom design style we can adapt with similar shape. Alf Da Fre classic style can be good alternative beautiful bedroom style, besides Gothic, Victorian , and so on. And Alf Da Fre modern style can be interesting alternative besides ordinary modern furniture style. Actually, Alf Da Fre bedroom design is similar with other classic and modern design style. The difference of this Alf Da Fre bedroom design style, this style come with Italian touch. So, if we will bring Italian atmosphere into our bedroom, This Alf Da Fre bedroom design style is right choice. We can adapt this style into our bedroom interior.

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Elegant And Modern Bedroom Interior From Italian: Alf Da Fre Bedroom SetElegant And Modern Bedroom Interior From Italian: Alf Da Fre FurnitureElegant And Modern Bedroom Interior From Italian: Wooden Italian Bedroom Design

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