Sport Themed Bedrooms Ideas We Can Choose For Boys Bedroom

There are a lot of themes we can apply for our kids bedroom. For boys bedroom, sport theme is great choice. For girls bedroom, doll theme is good. There are several places in their bedroom that we can decorate, such as wall, bed and ceiling. We can choose and select the right bedroom stuffs with this theme. Several popular sport themes for our boys bedroom  we can choose are football, basketball and racing. Decorate with these sport themed bedrooms will be fun challenging for us and boys. We can asking them for exploring the best ideas for decorating their bedrooms.

Sport Themed Bedrooms

Football is the most popular sport in the world. It can be great sport themed bedrooms. We can choose this football theme for our boys room. For their beds, we can choose bedding, pillow cover and blanket with this theme. On the wall we can decorate by placing football stars pictures with beautiful frame. Frame in modern or custom design will work well. On the ceiling we can hang some balls in various size. For completing this football theme, we can put table lamp with footballs picture in its cap.

Football Themed Bedrooms

Other great sport themed bedrooms we can choose is basketball. This sport have a lot of fans in the world. We can apply this favorite sport in our boys bedroom. If our boys like Chicago Bulls club, we can use this picture, logo and symbol club for decorating our boys bedroom. We can choose bedding and pillow cover with this club logo. Red color will dominate this decorations. On the bedroom wall, we can install Chicago Bulls stars picture with good frame and hang several caps with this club logo. On the ceiling we can hang several basketball in various size. Table lamp with this club logo in its cap will complete this basketball theme.

Basketball Themed Bedrooms

Racing car and motor cycle is other good sport theme for our boys. Asking our boys, who is his motorcycle racer or what is his favorite motorcycle. If we likes Ducati, we can use this racing motor cycle as attractive theme. We can decorate our boys bed with this picture in his bedding and pillow cover. We can place several Ducati posters on the wall. And we can put table lamp with this motor cycle picture in its cap.

For completing this decorations, we must select the right wall paint color for our boys room. For example, if our boys like Chicago Bulls, we must select wall paint color that it can be harmonized with red color. Soft blue and grey are great colors we can choose.

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Sport Themed Bedrooms Ideas We Can Choose For Boys Bedroom: Sport Themed BedroomsSport Themed Bedrooms Ideas We Can Choose For Boys Bedroom: Football Themed BedroomsSport Themed Bedrooms Ideas We Can Choose For Boys Bedroom: Basketball Themed Bedrooms

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