Totally Speed Boat Theme On Your Boys Bedroom

Are your boys like speed boat or everything about sailing? If the answer Yes, we can create speed boat atmosphere in their bedroom. This is almost the real speed boat atmosphere. Different with other theme, such as sport theme for boys bedroom, where we are only decorate bedding, pillow cover, blanket, printing poster, table lamp cap and other bedroom elements in sport theme, this speed boat theme is more special. On this bedroom, we use bed in speed boat shape. So, our boys will feel that they are driving speed boat. It will give new sensation for them. This speed boat bed existing make this boys bedroom very unique and fun. All of boys will love it.

Speed Boat Bed

Usually this speed boat bed comes in single size. If we place two kids in one bedroom, we can place two speed boat beds in this bedroom and separate them with bedroom cabinet. Some of speed boat bed types are completed with screen or sailing. It will make this speed boat bed like the real ship in the sea. On this speed boat bed is completed with bedding, blanket and pillow. To create sailing atmosphere, we can buy these bed stuffs with speed boat, ship or ocean picture. These picture in blue are perfect for these bed stuffs. Under this speed boat bed, we can install rugs or carpet in blue color. This blue color represent ocean water. It’s amazing.

Speed Boat Bed

To decorate this bedroom, we can place nautical wall clock. This wall clock type is perfect for this speed boat theme. We can add printing poster many ships picture with funny frame here. Other good wall decorations are anchor and buoy tire. Near this speed boat bed, we place bedroom cabinet. White color for this bedroom cabinet is good. We can decorate it with art furnishing articles in ship shape. Art furnishing articles from wood, copper or brass are good for this table decoration. Or we can choose handmade wooden toys in ship shape. It’s other good alternative. Table lamp with ship picture on its cap is good. When night come, turn off this bedroom lamp and turn on this table lamp. Wow, it will be dramatic sight.

Pottery Barn Kids Boat Bed

Above this speed boat bed, we can hang speed boat or ship from thick paper. Hang this decoration on circle position around hanging lamp. Before sleeping, our boys can enjoy this toys paper. For taking a bath, we can choose towel with speed boat picture. Window curtain can be chosen with sailing theme, such as anchor, buoy tire, ship, ocean star, clam shell, ocean wave and so on.

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Totally Speed Boat Theme On Your Boys Bedroom: Speed Boat BedTotally Speed Boat Theme On Your Boys Bedroom: Speed Boat BedTotally Speed Boat Theme On Your Boys Bedroom: Pottery Barn Kids Boat Bed

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