Back To Nature With Home Tree Architecture Design

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As the answer for global warming and glass home effect issues, architecture world responses by developing tree architecture design concept. It’s such as organic home or home with green environment. This concept can be applied on home, building and restaurant. Wonderful architecture concept we can adapt for our environment. This concept has purpose to create more healthy, clean and fresh environment. We will feel close to nature if staying in this home type. It’s more relax and shady. Even with green tress around this home can make this home as a healing place. As we know, green color has healing effect for people.

Tree Architecture Design

There are several models for this tree architecture design concept. First model, this home can be build in the tree. Second model, there are many trees around this home. Third model, create trees atmosphere theme as interior decoration. Look at first picture above. This is first model of tree architecture design. This home is build on the tree. This is perfect tree house example. Most materials are used for this home are woods. There are a lot of attractive and unique tree house designs we can explore. This home is built on open space or outdoor. Perfect place for relaxing with fresh air and wind blow. Try to stay in this home and feel forest atmosphere here.

Green Design Home

On the second picture shows second model for this tree architecture design. This building is build in the center of trees. These trees has function such as natural fence. This home can be built on location with so many trees around this area, or we can build home first and then plant many trees around this home. But this last technique is not natural. It’s better if we look for area with a lot of trees that find the right place for building home. Home with green trees around here is perfect home for healing and relaxing. These trees around this home have several functions: creating green environment, fence and creating shady place for this home.

Tree Of Architecture

The next idea from this tree architecture design concept is decorating home interior with trees or forest atmosphere theme. This is close to nature theme. We can use wood as main element for wall, floor, ceiling, door, window and so on. This wood in brown color and its natural pattern can make us stay in forest. Install big pillar from big tree rod is interesting idea. We can find second model for this tree architecture design on building and restaurant. Look at the last picture. This is modern restaurant with trees atmosphere theme dominate this room. This is excellent interior concept. It incorporates green environment and modern living in one building. It must be appreciated.

Perfect idea for supporting this green environment concept is by restricting using of modern and electrical appliances. Let’s keep this home or building in natural atmosphere. Keep away all pollutions from modern living such electromagnetic wave and residual chemical component. Try to live in healthy and fresh atmosphere with organic elements.

Back To Nature With Home Tree Architecture Design: Tree Architecture DesignBack To Nature With Home Tree Architecture Design: Green Design HomeBack To Nature With Home Tree Architecture Design: Tree Of Architecture

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