Bring The Wild Wild West Atmosphere Into Southwestern Style Homes

Southwest is hot region in USA, such as Arizona, Texas, Nevada and Colorado. This hot region and everything here remind us about the famous movie ‘The Wild Wild West’. A place with desert surrounding this region. Wherever we look, there are only desert, dust, sun light and cactus. This hot region influence home architecture style there. This style reflect desert living. So, how we will know that they are southwestern style homes. What unique characters from this home style can indicate southwestern style homes?

Southwestern Style Homes

Mediterranean Home Style. When we look at southwestern style homes, we can find Mediterranean home style influence in their architecture. We can find curvature shape in several part of home. This curvature shape is one of Mediterranean home style character.

Southwestern Style Furniture

Old Architecture Style. We will not find a lot of glasses or other elements that usually come in modern home design in southwestern style homes . We can find door and window is designed and built in old style with simple finishing technique. Several windows is decorated with iron rod and there are holes wind in their window. This window style sometime we find in several tropical home style. In front of their window, they put several plants in vase for decorating this window.

Southwestern Style Home Plans

Less Variations. Most of southwestern style homes are built with less variations. It’s different with modern home style. On modern home style, it uses minimalist concept but this minimalist can reflect modern atmosphere. On southwestern style homes, this minimalist concept reflect old style atmosphere. We can also find these less variations on their paint color variations. Usually southwestern style homes take light brown and orange for their home color. These colors can reflect desert atmosphere.

Interior Style. Usually they use wood for their furniture. This material dominates all of furniture and elements here. These furniture such as table, chair, bedroom, wardrobe are designed in old style. We will not find elegance and modern interior furniture here. This old style can bring cowboy living era in this room. Some of southwestern style homes use wood as roof.

Exterior And Landscape. These are factors that make this southwestern style homes are looked unique and special. For reflecting desert atmosphere, they use rocks as decorating elements for home exterior. Usually these rocks come in irregular shape. Perfect with old style. For landscaping, they plant specific plants such as cactus, palm and adenium. These are plants that usually grow in hot region.

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Bring The Wild Wild West Atmosphere Into Southwestern Style Homes: Southwestern Style HomesBring The Wild Wild West Atmosphere Into Southwestern Style Homes: Southwestern Style FurnitureBring The Wild Wild West Atmosphere Into Southwestern Style Homes: Southwestern Style Home Plans

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