Bring Victoria Era Atmosphere With Beautiful Victorian Home Designs

This architecture style is the one of famous home design style in the world. Name Victorian is taken from Queen Victoria from English. Stay in this Victorian home style will make us feel living in royal atmosphere. There are detail working on this Victorian home designs. English construction tradition assess important for beauty and strength for their building. These combinations will create incredible building. It explains why a lot of English building that’s built tens to hundreds years ago until now still stand with its beauty. Their construction strength can stand for very long times.

Victorian Home Designs

If we look at Victorian home designs from front side, we can see that most of them is designed in asymmetrical shape. It’s different with other home design architecture. This asymmetrical shape give unique façade and can be one of characteristic of Victorian home designs. Their top side part is usually built in triangle or cone shape with roof tile cover its roof.

Victorian Home Designs Plans

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Victorian home designs is designed with beautiful decorative style. This decorative ornaments reflect luxurious lifestyle for that period time. On the main door usually they build stair with grip on the left and right side. They add small fence from wood around their wall. This is not fence is real meaning as fence for garden. This fence was created for decoration purpose and improve home aesthetic. We can find curvature ornament in several exterior place.

Victorian Home Designs Ideas

For material, this Victorian home designs are usually use ready made materials from fabric. Several kind of stone with natural pattern and colored brick are used for building their wall. This natural pattern and brick color enhance home exterior aesthetic. Wall colors that usually chosen are white, yellow, brown and purple. These color are perfect for their era when Queen Victorian still alive.

Their window usually is design ion rectangle shape with triangle shape on the top part as variation. This window is decorated with big glass. This glass is used to for decorating doors. We can find a lot of window in Victorian home designs. This window has function for getting sun light and for aesthetic function.

Last, other Victorian home designs are in circle building with cone roof that usually is placed on left or right side. As above described, this architecture style take asymmetrical shape. This circle building meke this home become asymmetrical, because this part is only built in one side.

Bring Victoria Era Atmosphere With Beautiful Victorian Home Designs: Victorian Home DesignsBring Victoria Era Atmosphere With Beautiful Victorian Home Designs: Victorian Home Designs PlansBring Victoria Era Atmosphere With Beautiful Victorian Home Designs: Victorian Home Designs Ideas

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