Living In Eco Friendly With Beautiful Log Home Plans

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Nowadays people like all of things that’s related with back to nature movement. They start to reduce all of synthetic elements. On building architecture, as answer for this trend is log home plans. Log home plans can bring us close to nature. This home type has ability to create more healthy environment because it’s built using natural elements with less synthetic components. Most of materials that’s used in this log home plans are woods. Several woods types can be used such as oak, cherry, walnut and maple. This wood is cut in several shapes and sizes following its functions. Their natural pattern and texture give unique decorations.

Log Home Plans

We can build this log home plans by our self. If we are not sure how the best way for doing it, we can hire professional constructor to do it. There are various style, design  and shape can be developed depended on wide of ground where this log home will be built and how many budgets will spend for developing it.

Luxury Log Home Plans

If compared with conventional home style, this log home plans has  three advantages. First, this log home plans are more eco friendly than conventional home style, because of material types as described above. Second, this log home plans are looked more unique than conventional home style. Third, this log home plans need less energy for heating and cooling when cold and hot season come.

Small Log Home Plans

There are two options for developing this log home plans. We can choose classic or modern style. Choose classic style if we want function it as memory home. It can remind about grand ma home tens years ago. We can decorate this type with antique ornaments, such as antique hanging lamp and antique wood furniture sets. Antique hanging lamp with kerosene as fuel will complete this home interior.

Log home plans can be designed in modern style too. All of interior elements using modern elements. Only all walls are built with woods. So, when we look at this home from outside, we can look at simple wood home, but when we look at inside home, modern interior style can be felt.

For beautifying this log home plans, we can add stone or rock that come in irregular shape for adding elements. This rocks can make our log home plans become more nature and unique. On the roof, it can be used roof tile, wood or fiberglass. For floor on all of rooms, it can uses ceramic or wood. If we like modern style, we can install ceramic. If we like closer to nature, wood flooring is good choice.

Living In Eco Friendly With Beautiful Log Home Plans: Log Home PlansLiving In Eco Friendly With Beautiful Log Home Plans: Luxury Log Home PlansLiving In Eco Friendly With Beautiful Log Home Plans: Small Log Home Plans

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