Three Unique Glass House Designs

Glass house architecture now become popular. If on several years ago, glass house or glass building are on rectangle or monotonous design, now a lot of glass house is built with fabulous design. Naturally glass has rigid characteristic. It can be weakness, because rigid means not flexible to be changed in various shape, especially if this glass in big size. But, now architecture world has experienced very fast development. New glass house comes with fantastic designs, such as on these picture. All of glass house construction here are unique, unusual from common design. If on few years ago, a glass house is identical with city, now we can find modern glass house is built on the hill or forest.

Glass House Construction

First picture show unusual glass house in forest. This house architecture combine modern house design and living in eco friendly environment. This glass house is functioned as cabin. This is ultra modern cabin. Usually cabin is built on simple design with wood. Most of cabins just like simple house in rustic region. But this modern cabin break all of concept about cabin. This house shows that living in green environment does not always mean stay on simple house design. Even ultra modern glass house can be amazing cabin. This glass house construction prove that.

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Glass House Architecture

Second picture show other unusual glass house concept. This glass house architecture combine modern and natural element together. This glass house construction use glass and wood as main construction. This design take modern style and the existing wood give natural touch. It’s other living in harmony style. This house is designed for saving energy. It can be understood because sun light can through this glass, so when day time, it’s not necessary to turn on lamp. Besides that, what make this glass house design is special because there’s one part protrude toward.

Glass House Designs

Third picture show ultra modern glass house with unusual roof shape. This shape is designed with sharp angle on the edge. The existing of all glass on this house give amazing view. From inside house, we can enjoy wonderful view. This house is built near Hollywood Hills region. Wonderful house in wonderful location.

There are still many incredible glass houses we can look for. Architecture world has develop fast. New concept is born. New house can break last assumption. On this modern era, house building is not only building for rest, sleeping and eating. But it must able express personality, taste, thinking and social status of the owner.

Three Unique Glass House Designs: Glass House ConstructionThree Unique Glass House Designs: Glass House ArchitectureThree Unique Glass House Designs: Glass House Designs

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