Tips For Renovating Your House With Mediterranean House Style

Mediterranean is famous place that has beautiful beach. A lot of people worldwide visit this amazing beach. Besides that, Mediterranean region has unique architecture style for their building. This style inspire people for building house adapting this architecture style. Stay in this style home will remind us for famous Mediterranean region. A region with bright weather, full of sun light and scent of beach sand. The right atmosphere for feeling relax. It’s like a holiday place. If we will build and renovate a house taking this architecture style, we must understand the architecture concept first. A Mediterranean house plans accommodate three major ideas we can adapt it.

Mediterranean House Plans

The first Mediterranean house plans concept is in exterior. Exterior concept of Mediterranean house plans have bright color for their wall decoration. White stucco or limestone are the most popular material for this purpose. This bright color for bringing place with sun atmosphere. Their roof usually use Spanish roof. For terrace or entry place, it’s installed mosaic ceramic tile. When you look at door, this is one of their exact characteristic. The door shape comes in circle shape. This is different with modern or tropical architecture. For their gate, it use iron. Most Mediterranean house are painted with yellow, orange or light brown color.

Mediterranean House Plans With Courtyards

The second Mediterranean house plans concept is in interior. When we look inside, there is open space. Position of ceiling is higher than other building architecture style. The wall is decorated with some ornament. Some plants are put inside. Granite and limestone are used for tile inside. All doors come in circle shape on top part. Window in rectangle shape, but sometime it’s added with circle part on the top.

Mediterranean Beach House Plans

The third Mediterranean house plans concept is in landscape. This landscape style adapt Spanish style. For bringing Spanish atmosphere, on landscape, they plant palm tree, jasmine and grass and vegetables plant that usually grow at Spain or Italia. On several places are decorated with white stone stack and fountain. It’s for complementing bright atmosphere with fresh water. For footpath, it uses limestone.

Compared with modern architecture style, this Mediterranean house style have more simple style. There are not complicated shape in exterior building. Interior is organized in simple way. Landscape is looked larger because there are not many trees here. All of design reflect place with full of sun light.

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Tips For Renovating Your House With Mediterranean House Style: Mediterranean House PlansTips For Renovating Your House With Mediterranean House Style: Mediterranean House Plans With CourtyardsTips For Renovating Your House With Mediterranean House Style: Mediterranean Beach House Plans

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