Beautify Our Garden With Attractive Garden Edging Material Selection

As we know, wood or brick retaining wall in our garden has many functions. First, it’s for bordering one area with other area. Second, it’s for withstand soil in higher position from avalanche possibility. Third, it can be as plant container. Some of retaining wall functions can be done by garden edging, especially for bordering area and it’s for decorative garden elements. The difference between retaining wall and garden edging is that garden edging is not designed with strong construction. It’s also have elevation less than retaining wall. The main functions of this garden edging are for bordering are and decorating garden. For creating this garden edging, we can use brick, stone, concrete and metal. Brick, stone and concrete are most popular garden edging material. Wood is rarely used for building this garden edging.

Garden Edging Material

There are not significance difference between brick, stone and concrete to be used as garden material edging. If we want our garden is closer to nature, brick and stone are right choice. Garden edging material from concrete will be looked more modern. If necessary we can paint this stone and concrete. White paint color can help focusing plant and flower inside this garden edging.

Garden Edging Ideas

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The fastest way for building garden edging is use stone as garden edging material. We are just arrange these stone in shape as we have designed. Combination small, medium and big stone size can be applied here. We can find this stone from river. Other stone type we can use is natural stone. This stone usually is used for decorating home exterior. Natural stone with irregular shape is better than regular shape. Regular shape will make this garden edging is looked rigid. It’s less artistic than irregular shape. Place beautiful fruit plant, flower or ornamental grass inside this garden edging and then paint this garden edging. It will be wonderful.

Landscape Edging Material

Metal can be used for building this garden edging, but usually it’s rarely use this material. This material is strength and durable, but after years this metal will experience corrosion. This garden edging will be looked dirt. It can decreases this garden beauty. We are better use brick or concrete than metal. Brick and concrete are durable too. It’s not difficult to form these material become garden edging. Concrete can be formed in many artistic design and shape.

Beautify Our Garden With Attractive Garden Edging Material Selection: Garden Edging MaterialBeautify Our Garden With Attractive Garden Edging Material Selection: Garden Edging IdeasBeautify Our Garden With Attractive Garden Edging Material Selection: Landscape Edging Material

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