Beautifying Your Landscape Using Wooden Retaining Walls

There are many purpose by developing retaining walls. It can used to a new look of your garden landsaping, example for elevating level yard that flat, making terrace on a land with various slope or creating new exotic looking of garden. Well, every people have different purpose, but whatever the purpose, you can wood for this. A wooden retaining walls are usually used to beautifying this, because using wood is easy, fast processing and has beautiful texture that can add good view.

Wooden Retaining Walls

Using wood as wooden retaining walls is nice decision. Both refine or rough surface of wood have different advantages. Refine wood look good and smooth when touched by hand. But roug wood look natural. It can bring the atmosphere from natural village and can create freshing situation. It’s better if we can combine these both types with some matching color. Usually many people choose brown color that looked naturally. But this choice dependent of your flavor. Nothing wrong or right here.

Wooden Retaining Walls Ideas

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Other choice beside wood, we can use concrete for building retaining walls. This material is usually for building material, such as home. But we can use too for retaining walls. Like a wood, this can be painted too with various color. Concrete can be decorated too easily. The advantage of concrete if compared with wood is on the strength and durability. But wood have natural look that concrete doesn’t have. Concrete or wooden retaining walls have different look.

Timber Retaining Walls

Beside wood and concrete, we can use masonry or bricks for building retaining walls. This material similar with concrete. It has strength and long durability compared than wood. Masonry can looked natural too as wood if without painting.

Conclusion, whatever you choose for building retaining walls, each materials have each advantage and disadvantage itself. Choose which you like, giving your artwork touching, synchronizing with your garden and done well. Your garden will looked different.


Beautifying Your Landscape Using Wooden Retaining Walls: Wooden Retaining WallsBeautifying Your Landscape Using Wooden Retaining Walls: Wooden Retaining Walls IdeasBeautifying Your Landscape Using Wooden Retaining Walls: Timber Retaining Walls

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