Clean Your Home Environment With These Secret Plants

Modern world development give us a lot of easiness for doing anything. There are car, airplane, train and ship for transportation. There are cell phone for communication, there are TV and satellite for watching movies and other amazing development that we never imagine for tens years ago. Besides of these developments, modern world is also contribute in global warming and pollution that come from their industries. Nowadays, it’s very important for us looking for several  ways to reduce pollution. We would not let our family stay on dirt environment. Good news, there’s cheap way for reducing pollution with simple way. We can use some plant for reducing pollution from air.

Ways To Reduce Pollution

These plants has been proven for reducing pollution. Some of them has been tested by NASA. NASA has ever tested their effectiveness for reducing pollution. So, if NASA believes for these effectiveness, better if we adapt this idea for cleaning our environment from pollution.  We can use these plants as ways to reduce pollution in low budget. Including these secret plants are: areca palm, lady palm, bamboo palm, english ivy, rubber plant, dwarf date palm, dracaena, boston fern, ficus alii, and peace lily. We can choose several of them and plant in our garden, around fence or put in vase near window or door. All of these plants have been tested by NASA.

Ways To Reduce Air Pollution

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Other plants can be used for reducing pollution from air are: aloe vera, spider plant, chrysanthemum, snake plant and sanseviera. These plants can also be used as ways to reduce pollution. Aloe vera is famous plant. In several countries this plant is called crocodile tongue. It has elements for cleaning dirt. Most of companies use this plant for creating various shampoo. Besides for cleaning air, this plant can also for healing some diseases. Great plant for placed in our garden.

Ways To Reduce Pollution At Home

Spider plant is plant for reducing CO ( mono oxide carbon ) and CO2 ( dioxide carbon ) from air. This plant is very effective for absorbing these pollutant from our environment. Only for 24 hours, this plant can clean CO2 and CO.

Chrysanthemum is beautiful flower for decorating our garden. It also has ability for cleaning air from pollution. It can absorb benzene, dangerous chemical element from cigarette and tobacco. If there are smoker in our family, plant this beautiful flower inside home is great idea.

Sanseviera is the powerful plant for reducing pollution. It can absorb up to 107 types of poisons, including here: air pollution, nuclear radiation, nicotine and other dangerous poisons.

All of above plants are cheap and easy for maintaining. We can put it on the ground or vase. We can place them on the garden or near window and door. Great effort for helping our family getting clean and healthy environment.

Clean Your Home Environment With These Secret Plants: Ways To Reduce PollutionClean Your Home Environment With These Secret Plants: Ways To Reduce Air PollutionClean Your Home Environment With These Secret Plants: Ways To Reduce Pollution At Home

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