Creative Wood Retaining Wall From Old Railroad Wood

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Sometime we are challenged for creating something different and new when we decorate our home and garden. For garden decorating, we can create retaining wall for many functions. It can beautify by bordering one area with other area, creating one area higher than other area and it can too be functions as plant containers. We can grow plant or flower here. Wood and brick retaining wall are popular type for this retaining wall. But, nowadays we can old railroad wood for creating retaining wall. Retaining wall railroad ties is surprising idea we can realize. This wood is taken from unused railroad wood. We can buy this material on Home Depot or eBay.

Retaining Wall Railroad Ties

The same with other wood retaining wall, retaining wall railroad ties can be formed in several ways. We can form in rectangle shape. It can also be used for creating footpath with stair style by arranging this railroad wood in stair formation. If we will build fence, this railroad wood is great material. We can have strong fence for bordering our yard with outside are or for keeping gadfly animal away from our garden. It has stronger strength than ordinary wood. As we know, transportation by train need high security level. For this purpose, they use only best selected material, including for railroad foundation. This railroad wood is thicker than other ordinary wood. It has been proven from many situation and weather changing.

Home Depot Railroad Ties

This retaining wall railroad ties can make our garden and yard is looked antique and unique by installing this old railroad wood for retaining wall or fence. It can bring grand ma era atmosphere. This origin shape is so unique as garden decorations. As we know, if we will build ordinary wood retaining wall, we must cut by saw and then incorporate and form them in certain way, using this old railroad wood is simpler. This wood has certain shape and size. We are only arrange them in certain shape that we want. It spend less time than using ordinary wood.

Lowes Railroad Ties

This material is more water resistant than other wood, because its thickness and quality. When it’s used for railroad foundation, it’s used for tens years. Every time, it stands train weight. We can imagine how strength this railroad wood. Now, try building antique and unique retaining wall with this old railroad wood in simple way.

Creative Wood Retaining Wall From Old Railroad Wood: Retaining Wall Railroad TiesCreative Wood Retaining Wall From Old Railroad Wood: Home Depot Railroad TiesCreative Wood Retaining Wall From Old Railroad Wood: Lowes Railroad Ties

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