Gazebo As A Recreation Place For Your Family In Your Garden

We can take a rest in our garden by sitting down under fruit arbor or placing outdoor furniture. Other great idea is building gazebo. Gazebo is small place, semi permanent,  similar with pavilion that can be placed in our garden or backyard. Usually this building uses wood or aluminum as materials. This mini pavilion can be beautiful place for rest, gather with our family, invite friend and enjoy fresh air. Usually gazebo take shape in rectangle and octagon form with several variations. This building can be build easily using simple methods. But if we have no time, we can contact contractor for building it. Before contacting contractor, try to plan gazebo design plans by yourself.

Gazebo Design Plans

If we want to build gazebo in standard shape, we can choose rectangle shape. If we want more stylish, choose octagon shape. Place a table in the center of gazebo and some chairs around it. If we will not place chairs here, choose short table. For floor, we can use carpet or bamboo webbing. And when night come, we can complete it with little lamp. It will be exotic place. Sit down here will make us feel close to nature, because almost all of materials use nature elements, except modern gazebo that use aluminum, canopy and other synthetic materials. If we will create gazebo design plans, there are three major areas that we should consider first.

Backyard Gazebo Plans

Location is first thing from gazebo design plan. Choose where this gazebo will be placed. Look for best place on our garden or backyard. Placing this gazebo near fish pond is good idea. It will make us closer to nature when hearing water sound or looking at swimming fish. Open place location is better than place surrounded trees. By building on open place, we can get much more fresh air, wind and better view.

Cedar Gazebo Plans

Material. If we will look for atmosphere that close to nature, wood is perfect material. But if we look for modern appearance, aluminum and canopy will fit our requirement.

Gazebo dimension. When we will build gazebo, we must determine first, how many people will use this gazebo. Actually standard size of gazebo can be used for 4 persons ( 10 feet size ) and 6 persons ( 12 feet size ).  A good gazebo must have free space inside. It has function for creating loose impression, so that every people inside will feel comfortable and relax.

These are basic principles we must understand. Other consideration can be added here, for example if we want to prepare this gazebo as a spa place, we must prepare water source for supporting this spa place.

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Gazebo As A Recreation Place For Your Family In Your Garden: Gazebo Design PlansGazebo As A Recreation Place For Your Family In Your Garden: Backyard Gazebo PlansGazebo As A Recreation Place For Your Family In Your Garden: Cedar Gazebo Plans

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