Make Fresh Your Backyard With Beautiful Koi Fish Ponds

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Koi is one of popular fish that people like nurture this fish. Keep this beautiful fish into your backyard will refresh the atmosphere. It can bring peaceful atmosphere. In western culture, placing koi fish ponds in front of home can bring happiness. This is only faith, but the fact here, this pretty fish will make beautiful sight in our garden. Create these koi fish ponds are not difficult. Knowing koi habit for creating it.

Koi Fish Ponds

For these koi fish ponds, build ponds in 4 up to 8 feet depth. It will protect them from predator animal. Give them secure feeling will help their growing. It also help them avoid hot weather by swimming into deep. Beside that, build this pond in large dimension. Larger is better. Koi likes swimming around the ponds. This larger dimension will make them feel comfort in this pond.

Koi Fish Ponds Designs

Koi is the kind of fish that like in medium temperature. They avoid too cold water. So, prepare heater on koi fish ponds when cold season come. Koi will grow slower in very cold water condition. Using this heater for warming water is important for them

Koi Fish Ponds Filter

Build stone or rock in mountain form and create fountain here. It will beautify this ponds and help keeping this water in fresh condition. Water from fountain bring fresh oxygen. Good for their healthy living. It also has other function. By this stone decoration and combine with some trees around this pond will protect koi from direct light. It will make this pond become more shady.

Prepare all equipments for supporting their healthy growing. Filter, aerator, pump and UV sterilizer are important. Filter will help water in clean condition every time. Pump for flowing water. Aerator for supplying oxygen for koi. Sterilizer for sterilizing koi from UV influencing. Besides these equipment, prepare herbicide and insecticide. It can protect koi from disease.

Better to choose shady place for this pond. Avoid koin fish ponds from directly rainfall. Rain water sometime bring dirt and elements that can disturb their growing.

Make Fresh Your Backyard With Beautiful Koi Fish Ponds: Koi Fish PondsMake Fresh Your Backyard With Beautiful Koi Fish Ponds: Koi Fish Ponds DesignsMake Fresh Your Backyard With Beautiful Koi Fish Ponds: Koi Fish Ponds Filter

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