Planting Strawberry In Your Garden In Easy Way

Strawberry is favorite fruit for a lot of people. This famous fruit has been used widely for drinking and cake ornaments. Planting this delicious fruit tree in your garden has many functions. It can be beautiful landscape in your garden. And when their fruits grow, we can harvest their fruits. It is not really difficult for maintaining this fruit tree. Understanding well their character for effectively effort. Now, we will learn the easy way how to plant strawberries.

How To Plant Strawberries

Many people at first time look for several ways how to plant strawberries. They think it’s complicated, because this plan can easy be die caused many factors.  Actually there are basic principles can be guidance to do it better. Here they are:

How To Plant Strawberry Seeds

Strawberry can grow in several type of soil, especially soil that rich with organic compound. We can do this by dig the ground and place humus or fertilizer. Wait for a moment before planting strawberry. Besides that, this tree are right in place with a lot of sun light. It can be placed on the open space, such as garden or field. This tree will not grow well if there are a lot of wind in this place. So, planting this tree near a fence or by placing them in the place that is covered by plastic for preventing from wind are great effort. This is the first point how to plant strawberries principles we must remember.

How To Grow Strawberries

This tree must be protected from bird or other animal that will eat their fruits when harvest season come. It is better placing net around it. If we have placed these trees in certain pace with plastic or glass for covering their area, we are unnecessary use net again. This tree is better planted start on June. Latest on September. If we are late planting this tree on these month, we must plant on the next year. So, plan well when we will plant this tree.

This tree need well draining system. Make sure watering them every day. Protect this tree from other plants that disturb their growing, such as potatoes, tomatoes and pepper. Avoid too from cold weather using plastic, glass or fence as described above. For good growing place them in row arrangements with one feet distance. If their growing good, they can produce a lot of fruits up to six years. After that, we must plant new plant.

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Planting Strawberry In Your Garden In Easy Way: How To Plant StrawberriesPlanting Strawberry In Your Garden In Easy Way: How To Plant Strawberry SeedsPlanting Strawberry In Your Garden In Easy Way: How To Grow Strawberries

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