Selecting Materials For Your Retaining Wall In Your Garden

For decorating garden, many people choose to developing garden style, such as Southwest landscaping that bring Southwest atmosphere into their garden. Other people choose building swing sets or sanctuary places for their kids playing. Other people again choose creating an arbor for their fruits or flower plants, such as grape or bougenvile. Building wooden retaining wall for plant is one of alternative for decorating garden

Wooden Retaining Wall

Retaining wall has many functions on your garden. It can make more beautiful your garden or yard by using as terrace. It can create too elevate soil to make variation and the you can plant some flower on the surface soil. Your flower will be looked more focus by this techniques. We can create retaining wall in position like stair on the room. One of the most common material that is used for building retaining wall is wood. Wooden retaining wall can be built easy and quickly. Other materials for creating these retaining walls are brick, concrete and stone.

Wooden Retaining Wall Design

If you are focus on artistic look, you can choose wood. If you are focus on strength, you can choose brick, concrete and stone. But you can increasing the strength of wooden retaining walls by using solid or hard wood. Oak or pine are the best one you can choose. The only one weakness of using wood, this material can be obsolete after years.

Wooden Retaining Wall Construction

Brick or masonry are good and have strength in usage as long as you do it well, for example you make the right mixture between concrete and water for pasting these bricks. You can improve this brick retaining wall by keeping the origin color and condition of brick. Choose the good kind of brick for fulfilling this purpose. There are several kind of bricks you can use. The weakness of this material is easy to crack in wet condition after years.

Similar with brick, concrete can be used for retaining wall. Just mixing concrete and water and then prepare mold to make this molding. You can create several shape using mold. It is usually using wood for creating mold. Concrete retaining wall has long durability and good strength. The weakness of it, this kind of retaining wall is looked rigid. Less artistic if compared with wood or brick.

Stone or rock have two characters, both strength and artistic looking. But creating retaining wall use this material spend more time, because you must arrange this stone and paste with mixture of concrete and water.

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Selecting Materials For Your Retaining Wall In Your Garden: Wooden Retaining WallSelecting Materials For Your Retaining Wall In Your Garden: Wooden Retaining Wall DesignSelecting Materials For Your Retaining Wall In Your Garden: Wooden Retaining Wall Construction

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