The Advantages Of Developing Garden On Roof In Your Home

We can plant our favorite plant, tree, fruit and flower in our garden and yard, but how can we do it if our yard is too small? Only less plant that we can plant. One great idea we can develop now is try to plant on our roof. By this technique we can contribute to global warming campaign. This garden type nowadays is popular. A lot of building and apartment ‘s roof now is changed to be beautiful garden. It’s not ordinary garden. Garden on roof or sometime it’s called green roof has many positive functions. We can adapt this garden type into our home. It can maximize function of our home and handle restricting of yard dimension.

Garden On Roof

Garden on roof at first time is developed in Germany on 1960. Now it becomes trend on all countries in the world. It can help for reducing global warming and pollution. Now, by developing garden on roof, we can get many advantages for our environment. It can create healthy environment for our family.

Roof Garden Design

Healthy Environment. This is the first advantage of garden on roof. It can make our environment more healthy by reducing toxin that comes from air pollution and rain water. It can reduce heating and cooling from environment, so it makes our environment more comfortable for living. We can contribute small contribution in global warming campaign to make our earth more healthy and clean for human living.

Roof Garden Plants

Reduce Rain Water. This garden on roof can reduce rain water that flow into the ground. It can absorb and stand rain water. By decreasing rain water, in can prevent from flood that can damage our wall and building foundation.

Close To Nature. By developing garden on roof we can make our environment closer to nature, because we make our home more green. The plants on garden can invite butterflies and insects for coming. It can be their new habitat. Their coming and existing make our home close to nature.

Before developing garden on roof we must prepare all of things that’s needed this garden type. For successful garden on roof, we must make sure that roof is built in well construction. Check roof condition. This roof must be water proof and has strength enough for standing adding weight.

After checking roof condition, we prepare water channel for flowing rain water. Even though, soil and plants from garden on roof will absorb rain water, but it will not absorb all water. Prepare water channel for flowing it into the ground is needed. Last, selecting type of plants we will plant on the roof. Usually for garden on roof, we choose small plants and trees. Big trees are not fit.

The Advantages Of Developing Garden On Roof In Your Home: Garden On RoofThe Advantages Of Developing Garden On Roof In Your Home: Roof Garden DesignThe Advantages Of Developing Garden On Roof In Your Home: Roof Garden Plants

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