The Principle For Developing Landscaping Design Plans

In several countries, the extreme weather could become horrible. It can destroy our beauty environment landscaping. It is important to know what key factors preparing landscaping design plans that can withstand against extreme weather.

First Principle:  Avoid Dangerous Threat

Many people think that it’s better placing big tree near window for avoiding strong wind or rain. But what can it happen when this tree fall down into the window and you’re sitting there without not knowing? It is very dangerous. Better idea if placing big tree near house and keep enough safe distance from window. Maybe we think, it is impossible that big tree can fall down because rain or wind, but the real fact show this. The extreme weather, including strongest wind can make big tree swaying and then falling down. At first time preparing landscaping design plans,this factor must be planned well.

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Second Principle:  Anticipate Flood Possibility

This is the send principle for landscaping design plans.To do this, prepare your yard with slop. Better combined with wooden or concrete retaining walls. When extreme weather come, it can bring strong wind and rain with amount of water that can flood your yard. Preparing developing slop can anticipate our home flooded by water. Concrete or wood retaining walls can hold the water too.

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Third Principle:  Use Hardy Plant For Holding The Weather Changing

Why we need hardy plant, because hardy plant can hold extreme wind, rain and the weather changing, including cold and dry weather. Hardy plan have ability to withstand with extreme condition. And it can protect other little plant below it from rainfall than can damage it. But we may not place this hardy plant near window. It will dangerous too if this plant fall down. When rain coming, this plant can hold the water. When the hot season, this plant can hold hot temperature. When the storm come, this plant can hold other things from the risk of this storm. Choosing plant this hardy plant is the best decision.

The Principle For Developing Landscaping Design Plans: Landscape Design PicturesThe Principle For Developing Landscaping Design Plans: Formal Lanscaping IdeasThe Principle For Developing Landscaping Design Plans: Landscaping Design Plans

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