Tips To Make Top Roof Garden

As response to create healthy environment, now all available space in home can be used for garden, even on the roof. Top roof garden or garden on roof now become popular, because this garden doesn’t need wide area. It’s less maintenance and it can reduce hot temperature and pollution from air. Here several plants that fist to be planted o roof: acer palmatum, magnolia stellata, franklinia alatamaha, chionanthus virginicus, fargesia rufa, azalea, hidrangea paniculata and so on. Or, if we like fruit like citrus, we can also plant it. Dwarf citrus type is good choice. This plant can bring freshness. It has natural fragrance. Before determining plant types, we should better  to understand its character. For example, citrus need place with enough humidity level.

Top Roof Garden

Top roof garden is also for reducing pollution from air. Several plants such as areca palm, bamboo palm, lady palm, dracaena janet craig, dwarf date palm,rubber plant, engslish ivy and ficus alii are proven to reduce pollution from air. So, besides our environment become more beautiful, it’s also more healthy. To successful maintain garden on roof, there are several things we should know.  Here they are: roof surface, planting container, watering system and lighting & furniture.

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Rooftop Garden Design

First factor on top roof garden is roof surface. Usually a roof is not designed for people traffic. So, make sure this roof has good construction to hold all of weight from roof garden activity. This roof must also water resistant. Bad roof construction will cause water seep into roof and then make wet ceiling. Second factor is planting container. All container must give good drainage. Create hole on the bottom container. If necessary give gravel above this hole.

Create A Rooftop Garden

Third factor is watering system. We must prepare well this watering system. All of plants need watering regularly or they will be die if we ignore this factor. Last factor is lighting and furniture. Maybe, on the night we want to enjoy on this roof. Install lighting and put furniture here will be useful.

Tips To Make Top Roof Garden: Top Roof GardenTips To Make Top Roof Garden: Rooftop Garden DesignTips To Make Top Roof Garden: Create A Rooftop Garden

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