Understanding How To Choose The Right Fence For Your Garden

Fence is important part of our garden. By this fence, we can restrict our area with other people’s area. Fence has many functions: restricting area, protecting our garden from gadfly animal, security and privacy and for aesthetic function. The right fence can fulfilled these aspects well. So, it’s important for considering all these factors before planning building fence for our garden. There are various style of materials that can be used for building fence: wood, iron, wire. Wood is good for fence with several reasons. Now, we will try design wood fence designs.

Wood Fence Designs

For building fence, we can use solid wood, such as oak or cherry. This wood sheets can be arranged in horizontal or vertical arrangements. It can be arranged tightly or with distance. Without distance indicate that homeowner need privacy and with distance homeowner can look outside through the holes. There are many reasons for planning wood fence designs.

Custom Wood Fencfe Designs

Here are few wood fence designs ideas, we can consider for our garden. If we will improve security and privacy, we can choose solid wood style. This fence use solid wood and it’s arranged without distance or spacing between every wood sheets. If we want to have fence, but we will hope we can look outside through this fence, just choose good neighbor style. With this fence style, there are distance or spacing between wood spacing. It improves aesthetic function and less rigid than solid wood style.

Wood Fence Designs Ideas

Picture frame style is similar with solid wood style. It combined security and privacy considerations. But for this style, we can add additionally wood decorations for better looking. This wood decorations as frame from picture that can be installed on bottom, side and top. It’s looked like a frame.

Lattice top style is similar too with solid wood style, but for this style, we can add wood decoration on the top positions. This wood decorations form holes. We can say that this style is combining from solid wood and good neighbor style. Decorator style is advance development from lattice top but with more various decorations.

If we want to save money, split rail is the best idea. But the weakness of this style, it has less security, privacy and aesthetic looking. We can make this wood fence style with less amount of woods. This style is only fir for ranch or farm. There are a lot of spacing here between each woods. This style is only for keeping animal inside.

Picket style is other simple wood fence style. This style is similar with good neighbor style, but it’s more simple, less wood usage and usually all woods are arranged in vertical arrangements. This wood sheets are cutting in short measurement.

Conclusion, above few wood fence ideas can be source for considerations depended on our reasons or our important aspects that we consider. There’s basic condition that must be fulfilled with all these wood fence style: strength of construction.

Understanding How To Choose The Right Fence For Your Garden: Wood Fence DesignsUnderstanding How To Choose The Right Fence For Your Garden: Custom Wood Fencfe DesignsUnderstanding How To Choose The Right Fence For Your Garden: Wood Fence Designs Ideas

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