Wood And Brick Retaining Wall: Which Is Better?

If there is area in our garden or yard with different height level, for preventing this soil are become avalanche, we can build retaining wall building. But nowadays, this retaining wall building is not only for preventing avalanche possibility, but it has adding functions: for decorating garden and for fence. Last time, we build this retaining wall building because there is height level difference between two areas, but nowadays we make one are higher than other area deliberately and then create retaining wall building for decorating this area. Besides that, we can build fence around our yard with this retaining wall building. Materials usually are used for this retaining wall building are wood, brick, concrete and stone. Wood and brick retaining wall are popular. When we will build retaining building, which is better between this options?

Brick Retaining Wall

The answer of this question is depended on what factor we will give more weight than other factor. Both of wood and brick retaining wall are good for this purpose. Let’s analyze these two materials for creating retaining wall building.

Brick Retaining Wall Ideas

Solid wood such as oak or cherry are good for creating retaining wall building. These nature pattern and color can bring nature atmosphere into our garden. If we can create beautiful wood retaining wall, it can beautify our garden. And for creating retaining wall building using this material is not difficult. It needs only medium carpenter skill lever. Design, cutting, nailing and finish. But the weakness of this material is it can be obsolescent by wet condition. Moisture factor can destroy this wood for years usage. And this damage can faster in extreme weather changing. This is different condition with brick retaining wall.

Brick Retaining Wall Design Ideas

Brick retaining wall have more ability to stand from extreme or normal weather changing. It can stand to moisture factor. After long times usage, this material can be obsolescent too, but this happen on time more than wood.

Booth of these materials can improve aesthetic looking on garden. Wood with its natural color and pattern. And brick with its color and shape. But using brick give more flexibilities for designing retaining wall building. We can design in many shapes whether rectangle or circle shape. We will meet difficulty if choose wood for designing circle shape.

Conclusion, if we pay attention on artistic aspect, we can choose wood retaining wall. If we pay attention on flexibility on retaining wall building design and durability, brick retaining wall is better choice.

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Wood And Brick Retaining Wall: Which Is Better?: Brick Retaining WallWood And Brick Retaining Wall: Which Is Better?: Brick Retaining Wall IdeasWood And Brick Retaining Wall: Which Is Better?: Brick Retaining Wall Design Ideas

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