Adapting Japanese Interior Design Into Your Home

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Japan is modern country, but it still keep their existing culture. Old sport like sumo and traditional cloth can be still found in Japan. Maybe, you have ever seen Ninja martial art in action movies. This is traditional martial art from Japan. In this country, modernity and traditionally can be harmonized. This is unique country. But, what is about Japanese interior? It has unique character and different with other interior design. This design is very simple. We can adapt it in short time. Japanese interior design avoid complexity in appearance, especially on traditional Japanese interior room.

Japanese Interior Design

When we will adapt Japanese interior design, there are some basic principles we must consider: simplicity, privacy, material, color scheme, blur, culture element.

Japanese Interior Design Pictures

Simplicity. All Japanese interior design are looked simple. Everything are organized regularly, clean and tidy. To build this room, we can do it quickly. Use paper as wall partition. In Japan it is called shoji screens. This partition can be open and close by shifting it left and right direction. This room can be multifunction room. It can be used for living room, dining room and sleeping room. But if you want separate these functions, you can create several room for different functions.

Japanese Interior Design Bedroom

Privacy. We can feel this atmosphere when looking at Japanese interior room. This room usually in closed condition. This partition obstruct people from outside to look at inside.

Material. For bringing Japanese culture atmosphere, use certain materials, such as wood, bamboo, silk, paper. Wood is for building wall, roof and partition skeleton, table, rack, chair. Bamboo can be used for creating table, chair and rack. We can use silk for bedding, pillow, creating decorations and paper for partition. For floor, we can use bamboo webbing. On the roof, we place several lampions with lamps inside for lighting room.

Color Scheme. Most of Japanese interior comes in natural color, such as light brown, dark brown, dark yellow and maroon. This idea come from hundreds years ago, that Japanese people were living close to nature. They always kept nature in balance condition.

Blur. The kind of paper using for partition make blur light into room. It has two functions: first for lighting room using sun light when day time and second for privacy purpose, because outside people can not look inside room. When night come, this paper can reflect light from lamp into all room space.

Culture Element. Japanese interior atmosphere has not completed without placing these Japanese culture elements. For this purpose, we can place picture or decoration that display crane bird or Fujiyama mountain. If necessary, we can place writing in Kenji letters.

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Adapting Japanese Interior Design Into Your Home: Japanese Interior DesignAdapting Japanese Interior Design Into Your Home: Japanese Interior Design PicturesAdapting Japanese Interior Design Into Your Home: Japanese Interior Design Bedroom

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