Adapting Renaissance Era Style Into Our Room Interior

Gothic culture is started in France. It arise at first time in renaissance era and this culture spread into other countries in the world. This renaissance era is marked by science arising in Europe. Before this era, western world is in darkness era. On this era, Gothic architecture style evolve rapidly. This is very amazing architecture style. This is not ordinary building, but this is artwork building. This building architecture is full of ornamental and incredible artwork. When we look at inside on their interior, it’s very wonderful. This is masterpiece work ever exist in the world. All of room part from floor, wall until ceiling are decorated with beautiful decoration. Nowadays, this Gothic style inspire modern people for adapting this style by creating modern Gothic interior design. The same concept with origin Gothic style, but in this new concept there are simplification to create modern touch.

Modern Gothic Interior Design

On the origin Gothic interior design, we can find a lot of decorative elements. Ceramic or wood flooring tile is covered with beautiful rugs. Wall is decorated with ornamental wood and some big painting picture with ornamental wood frame and crystal lamp. There is also beautiful mirror with ornamental frame on this wall. Ceiling is decorated with beautiful crystal hanging lamp and picture from Gothic era. Some candles with ornamental rods are placed on the room near wall. Chairs are made from high quality wood and leather. Table with ornamental decorations around it. Table is decorated with ornamental dishes, spoons, forks and other diner appliances. On this modern Gothic interior design, some of these elements are simplified and replace adapting with modern lifestyle.

Gothic Interior Design Style

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On the modern Gothic interior design, ornamental style is changed with modern touch. For example, the existing of candles are replaced with stand lamp. Ornamental frame on mirror and painting picture is replaced with modern or custom frame. Rugs are still installed, but now this rugs come in modern pattern. Ornamental tables and chairs are replaced with modern furniture from mattress. Ornamental wood as wall decorations are replaced with wallpaper or other wall decorations. Picture on ceiling is removed.

Gothic Interior Decorating

So, by replacing and removing some elements from Gothic culture, how can we know the existing Gothic culture influencing on this modern Gothic interior design? Yes, we can still find and feel it. Most of this modern Gothic interior design is designed in dark brown theme for reflecting the past era. Besides that, this color is looked elegance. Rugs, wall paint color, ceiling and cabinets are in this dark brown theme. And for balancing with this dark brown theme, furniture such as sofa are chosen in light brown or beige. Wall is decorated with big painting picture. Crystal hanging lamp is replaced with modern hanging lamp. On the room corner is decorated with statue or sculpture which have shape from Gothic culture. This is beautiful and high class style. Are you interested to adapt this concept?

Adapting Renaissance Era Style Into Our Room Interior: Modern Gothic Interior DesignAdapting Renaissance Era Style Into Our Room Interior: Gothic Interior Design StyleAdapting Renaissance Era Style Into Our Room Interior: Gothic Interior Decorating

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