Bamboo Wall Panels for Decorative Home

Bamboo wall panels are good choices to decorate your walls instead of using “brick-and-mortar”, wallpaper, or plain paint. Bamboo wall panels are usually eco-friendly and is more natural. They are also fire rated and rather give unique style and atmosphere. For example is this Moso bamboo wall covering. It has special look with aesthetic design and customizable design combined with the ecological benefits. For the best alternative design in home you can also use bamboo veneer. Moso has the special products made of 6 year old bamboo. The bamboo veneer uses special impregnation techniques. This material, however, can be fire rated according to the highest standard for wood materials. It means that you can have strong, durable, and stylish bamboo covering and bamboo wall panels. Moso bamboo wall panels use multiple layers press so it will result to flexible panel. Plus, if you cannot find the best for you, Moso can customize it for you.

bamboo wall decorations

Another cool and stylish bamboo wall panels are the 3D Wall Decor. The products in 3D Wall Decor are usually in three dimensional wall decoration. It is available in modular style while easy to apply and of course paintable. It is rather unique with exciting effects of light and shadows that will transform the walls into spatial eye-catchers. The bamboo wall panels are absolutely green and eco-friendly since it was made from bamboo pulps and are definitely suitable for wall and ceilings decorations in homes, offices, shops, restaurants, and meeting areas.

bamboo wall panels

The bamboo wall panels in 3D designs are designed to be perfectly suited for both large and small surfaces. The convenient modular bamboo designs with simple application make this product suitable for both homebuilders, designers, and hobbyists. The wall panels feel like solid hardboard and are available in four designs. The bamboo wall panels have had an extensive safety testing carried out to ensure the strength and safety.

bamboo wall panel

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Bamboo Wall Panels for Decorative Home: bamboo wall panelsBamboo Wall Panels for Decorative Home: bamboo wall decorationsBamboo Wall Panels for Decorative Home: bamboo wall panels

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