Be Creative With Your Fireplace Mantel Appearance

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One of the element of you home, except kitchen that play important role for focusing point from other people that arrive into your home is your fireplace mantel. Fireplace will be important thing when cold season come. This is not only for warming the room, but it has function too for improving the interior appearance look. So, decorating a fireplace mantel with creative design will be challenging for you.

Decorating A Fireplace Mantel

For decorating a fireplace mantel, we can use various material, such as concrete, bricks, tile, metal, stone, and wood. If we choose using concrete, we can buy a ready made product for it. On the store there are attractive model, such as classic, modern, roman and many more models. Before you buy, measure first your fireplace space.

Decorating Ideas Fireplace Mantel

Bricks or masonry can be used to for decorating a fireplace mantel. It can bring classic look. Put and arrange brick around your fireplace. Use mixture concrete and water for pasting it. Keep the natural color of bricks for keeping classic look. If necessary combine with concrete decorative around fireplace hole and paint this concrete with matching color.

Decorating Corner Fireplace Mantel

Using tile, similar with brick fireplace mantel. Put this tile around this fireplace mantel. Use mixture concrete and water for pasting it. Choose the good tile pattern for this purpose. This is not only task for fulfilling the core function of a fireplace, but this is artwork task too. The tile pattern must match with the whole interior room.

The same principles for applying stone for this purpose. Arrange stone and pasted with mixture concrete and water. We can combine these concrete, tile and stone with metal and wood around this fireplace mantel It will be more attractive. The kind of metal we can use are stainless steel or galvanized steel. If we will make more classic, use aluminum or brass with antique ornament.  We must be careful for placing wood around fireplace mantel. Give enough distance from fireplace hole. Choose only solid wood, such as oak. Don’t use soft wood that is easy burnt. Paint this wood with glossy brown color. It will shiny your room.

Otherwise, we can add a glass door in front of fireplace hole. It is for preventing dirt and ash spread into your room. This glass door can be combine with metal around this glass. Last, for avoiding the dangerous possibility, keep out all inflammable materials from fireplace hole.

It is better if we can change this fireplace mantel decoration follow the changing of events, such as Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, New Years Day, and other events.

Be Creative With Your Fireplace Mantel Appearance: Decorating A Fireplace MantelBe Creative With Your Fireplace Mantel Appearance: Decorating Ideas Fireplace MantelBe Creative With Your Fireplace Mantel Appearance: Decorating Corner Fireplace Mantel

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