Beautiful Vintage Glass From Modernist Glass

If we look for beautiful glass for home decoration such art furnishing articles or as collection stuff, try to consider products from Modernist Glass. Owner of this company are Pete and Viv Hattaway. This company is focus on selling vintage art glass, especially Scandinavian and Murano glass ( 1940 – 1970 ). These products are really beautiful. Besides these glasses can be house decoration, it can be collectible stuff and instrument investing. They guarantee that their products are high quality. They have sold a lot of beautiful vintage art glasses for their customers.

Modernist Glass

Product of Modernist Glass is not ordinary art furnishing articles from glass. This is special product. This product is exclusive and has history. Each of their art glasses are designed by expert designer. Maybe ordinary art furnishing articles product can have design as beautiful as Modernist Glass product, but it can be made sure that art furnishing article don’t have value as high as Modernist Glass product. This product is made in limited amount. It’s not produce in mass scale such as on industry. Modernist Glass only sell their collection and they don’t produce. It’s so why their products are so special.

Vintage Art Glass

If we want to decorate our house with this Modernist Glass product, we must be careful to put this glass. Avoid from kids reach. Put on bookshelves. It will be looked good there. Be careful when cleaning this glass. Naturally a glass can be broken and it can not be repaired, especially for collectible stuff like this. This value will be decrease if this stuff is damage. So, we must keep this stuff in original condition. Having this vintage art glass is similar with own art painting from famous painter. We must keep and maintain every day from dirt and damage.

Retro Art Glass Vase

This art glass product come in various shape and color. It can be used as medium to transform atmosphere. If we want to feel calm and relax, this vintage art glass in blue is great choice. If we want healing ability, green art glass is good. If we want to get romantic atmosphere, vintage art glass in pink is interesting.

As collection stuff and investing instrument, this value and price will increase if this stuff in limited amount. It’s better before buying to research first about history of this product. Look for information about designer, when this product is made, and ask to seller how many stock of this product. More exclusive, unique, limited and famous, this product will increase its value. We can sell later with higher price.

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Beautiful Vintage Glass From Modernist Glass: Modernist GlassBeautiful Vintage Glass From Modernist Glass: Vintage Art GlassBeautiful Vintage Glass From Modernist Glass: Retro Art Glass Vase

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