Bike Storage Ideas for Small Living Spaces

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Bike storage ideas around the website can really help you to solve your problems as well as to give you extra information about do’s and don’ts, pros and cons. With the gas prices fluctuate and continually rising, you may have to consider about changing the lifestyle especially your transportation mode. Perhaps, you can cycling twice a week besides driving your car or motorcycle. Cycling is fun. But another thing that is also important is how you can store your bike when you are running out of space in your garage or somewhere in your house. As for the starting point, the conventional bike storage are wall hooks or racks, ceiling hoists, and floor stands. That are some conventional style of bike storage. Perhaps you want some over-the-top bike storage that is innovative as well as decorative.

bike storage

Floor stands bike storage is the most common bike storage we can find around the globe. And it is usually on the top of bike storage ideas. It is very easy to use for everyone. You only need to wheel your bike. Usually it can hold multiple bikes and it is portable so it means very easy to be moved. The problem is, it really takes up some garage floor space. Especially when you got the multiple bikes floor stands. The floor stands are usually used outdoor. So you need to think about it first. The freestanding or gravity bike racks are more space saving since it holds vertically.

bike storage

In bike storage ideas, the most important thing is how to save some spaces especially in your garage. The gravity bike racks can be a good choice since you can also mount it to wall. But it is not children-friendly at all. So you have to consider it also. There is also bike poles that are rather similar to bike racks.

indoor bike storage

Bike Storage Ideas for Small Living Spaces: apartment bike storage ideasBike Storage Ideas for Small Living Spaces: bike storage ideasBike Storage Ideas for Small Living Spaces: indoor bike storage ideas

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