Close To Nature With Wood Flooring In Your Home

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There are many ways to feel close to nature, such as create koi fish ponds or using rattan furniture. Including this purpose, installing wood for our floor is the similar way. Wood is different with ceramic. Ceramic is hard and wood is rather soft in leg. We will feel walking in a forest when walk in this wood flooring types. Our interior will look more modern. This wood flooring types will be match with contemporary interior furniture, especially when these furniture come in brown color. It’s perfect combination with this wood floor. This wood can be made from oak, maple, walnut and cherry tree.

Wood Flooring Types

Many advantages use these wood flooring types. It’s eco friendly, because it’s used natural material for making it. It’s easy cleaned. Just use water and soap. It’s spend less time for maintaining. Besides that, we will feel comfort, shady and relax stay on the home with this wood floor. Recognize different types of this wood floor before installing in our home.

Engineered Wood Floors

These wood flooring types can help our kids focusing their attention to their learning and homework. This wood color is comfort in our eyes. If we feel tire and want to relax, just lying down here. It can refresh our stamina condition.

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Bamboo Flooring Types

Solid wood floors. This is the real wood flooring type. But it’s easy to be scratch and expand by increasing moisture level. So, it’s not good installing this type if we stay on region with extreme temperature changing..

Engineered wood floors. Engineered wood floors consist plastic laminate with real wood. These layers are combined become one. So, there are different layers here. It can be easy installed on the floor. This surface has resistant power from scratch and easy to be cleaned.

Laminated wood floors. This type is similar with engineered wood floors, but this type doesn’t use actual wood like engineered type.   These wood are compressed by fiber and then it’s covered using melamine. This melamine will give lamination effect. Similar with engineered type, this type is easy to be clean and resistant from scratching.

Acrylic impregnated wood floors. This type has strength than other wood flooring types. This type use acrylic resin as mixture. This type is resistant too from scratching, waterproof and has long durability. Good for kitchen and bathroom. And the price is lower than other types.

Bamboo wood floors. Actually bamboo wood floors are not real wood flooring, because bamboo is different with wood. It’s categorized in grass. But good quality bamboo can be made for wood flooring, because it has resistant from scratching and moisture.

Conclusion: If we will look for the best appearance, we can choose solid wood floors. If we look for long durability, we can choose acrylic impregnated wood floors. If we look for combination of appearance and durability, we can choose engineered or laminated wood floors. If we look for the less price, we can choose bamboo wood floors.

Close To Nature With Wood Flooring In Your Home: Wood Flooring TypesClose To Nature With Wood Flooring In Your Home: Engineered Wood FloorsClose To Nature With Wood Flooring In Your Home: Bamboo Flooring Types

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