Cool Desk Lamps to Light Up Your Night

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Cool desk lamps are the most favorite decoration items everywhere. Besides having funky eclectic style, desk lamps are very useful, especially to study and work, when the light is very minimum. Besides its function, the desk lamps can give certain atmospheric lighting to your living area as a great decoration. The choice of lamp, is very wide with thousands of shapes, colors, styles, and designs. And there are many styles available in the market. Especially when you browse online, and you will find more and more designs. You can be confused of course. The suggestion is that, you only need to consider your living spaces. The dimensions and lighting abilities are also constitute the lighting tone so it can affect your moods, giving you extra energy and calm atmosphere inside.

fun desk lamp

For example of cool desk lamps are the Coin Lamp designed by Jethro Macey. This unique desk lamp requires a coin. Just like you play a video game. This desk lamp will not light up unless you insert the coin. The coin desk lamp is specially set up to a pre-determined time thanks to its internal mechanism. It also functions as reminder since it is based on concept of values and reward. It awares you on the energt consumptions.  The Torn Lighting designed by Billy May is also a cool concept. The Torn Lighting is hidden on your wall. It hides the secret LED from the view.

unique desk lamp

The post-modern era really grabs the creative and unique design. It changes our life totally, even in the lighting stuff. However, when you decide to buy a cool desk lamps, you also need to consider its functions and the effect of the color light towards your living spaces. When you need it to read or work at night, do not choose a desk lamp that is too bright.

modern personal desk lamp

Cool Desk Lamps to Light Up Your Night: cool desk lampsCool Desk Lamps to Light Up Your Night: fun desk lampsCool Desk Lamps to Light Up Your Night: modern desk lamps

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