Custom Window Treatments For Lovely Home

Everybody know that “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Unfortunately, with custom window treatments, that saying doesn’t quite apply. Many of the factors that make a custom window treatment so extra special can’t be seen in a picture. Picture of window treatments can be looked better here. Custom draperies, for example, are fully lined, making them fuller and heavier. Custom draperies weigh about 2 – 2.5 pounds per panel on average, whereas the same size, unlined storebought curtain weighs less than a pound. Of course, there are some storebought curtains that are lined. Unfortunately, most are lined with cotton percale fabric, which is a thin sheeting fabric with a low thread count. While it may help to block out the sun and prevent fading to some extent, it does little to add fullness to a drapery.

Picture of window treatments on living room
Lining makes the difference. Custom picture of window treatments and draperies are lined with a thicker polycotton fabric that blocks the sun in the best way possible (up to SPF 50). The polyester component in the lining gives a drapery more strength and fullness. Lining is especially useful in rooms that experience more moisture and evaporative fumes. That’s because cotton captures and releases these fumes much easier, making lined window treatments a must in busy kitchens and bathrooms. As you see, the ideal lining is made of both cotton and polyester.
Window treatment pictures on living room
Tailored to your needs. Custom picture of window treatments are made especially for your room the way you’d like. Storebought curtains are designed to please the majority of consumers. These include curtains that are made with solid, neutral colors and standard sizes. If you need to dress a very wide nursery window in pink and brown toile fabric, you will have a hard time finding the perfect window treatment that you want. Decorator fabrics come in a wide range of colors, prints, and sizes, giving you endless custom options that most storebought curtains don’t offer.

Curtains and window treatments as alternative on your living room

A wise investment. On average, Americans who purchased custom window treatments keep their custom drapes on their windows for seven years. Storebought curtains are changed every one to two years. The quality of custom window treatments is better, but going after the look that you really want instead of the look that is available will also keep you happy with your room for many years longer. Many of our clients tell us what a relief it is to finally see a custom window treatment on their windows. Unique window treatments are not easy to find if you’re looking for a specific look to fit your room. Most consumers start designing their rooms with matching furniture, pictures, walls, and little accents, only to see their designs come to a screeching halt when they realize that they can’t find a matching curtain.

There are many more reasons why custom is better than storebought, but the most important one of them is simply value. Custom window treatments pay for themselves throughout all the years that they gracefully cover your windows.

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