Fiberglass Shower Enclosures for Replacing Old Shower

We know that a shower is one of the most relaxing parts of our day. Oftentimes we do not have the time to enjoy it because we are running late for work or we need to get the kids off to school. Another reason we might not spend much time in our shower is because the old shower unit looks awful. Most shower stalls are built to last for several years but once the expiration date comes around, it is obvious that you need a new shower fast. If you are someone who feels that you can live with an ugly shower, then you might not think that your old enclosure needs a replacement. However, all those cracks and chips can actually do more damage to your home then you think. If the water seal is broken, water can seep into your floorboards and begin to rot the interior supports of the house. In order to fix the problem before it becomes worse, you need to replace that shower today! You can take fiberglass shower unit for this purpose.
Fiberglass shower unit design
The part of fiberglass shower unit are fiberglass shower stalls. Gel-coated fiberglass and acrylic reinforced fiberglass are both affordable, beautiful options. Most items that are gel-coated are very hard and durable. If done properly, the liquid gel coat is spread evenly and smoothly over the mold. In order to ensure a proper gel coat, it must be applied at the correct temperature. One of the great benefits of gel-coated fiberglass is that it is extremely easy to repair should something scratch or damage it. If the repair is done correctly, then the previous scratch almost disappears completely.
Beautiful fiberglass shower enclosure
Using acrylic units are just as beautiful, but they are slightly more difficult to repair. This material also requires heat at a certain temperature in order to turn out properly. Since the heated up sheets of acrylic are then stretched out over a mold, the acrylic that covers the corners is at times very thin.  No matter what type of fiberglass shower enclosures you chose to install, they will look beautiful for years to come if you clean it in the proper manner. Every manufacturer has specific instructions on how to clean your shower unit so as to avoid any unnecessary scratches or marks.
Fiberglass shower stall on the corner

If you do chose to go with the gel-coated or the acrylic, there is a great trick to keeping your shower looking brand new. Apply a spray automotive wax to the walls, not the floor, of the shower enclosure once a month and buff the wax out. Your shower will look shiny and new!

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Fiberglass Shower Enclosures for Replacing Old Shower: Fiberglass shower unitFiberglass Shower Enclosures for Replacing Old Shower: Fiberglass shower enclosureFiberglass Shower Enclosures for Replacing Old Shower: Fiberglass shower stall

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