Helpful Tips For Selecting The Right Wood Picture Frames For Your Portraits

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Some people feel confuse when they will buy wood picture frames for their portrait collections. When they go to the store, there are so much options, variations and styles there, such as standard, distressed, modern and custom styles. Too much options make them confuse to choose the best fit for their portraits. Well, we can experience this situation. Actually, choosing the best wood picture frames for our portraits are not difficult. To choose the right wood picture frames, we can use our portraits as a standard.

Wood Picture Frames

Wood picture frames can be made from several woods, such as oak, maple, cherry, walnut and other woods. The advantage of using wood, this materials have natural pattern and texture for improving aesthetic functions. But sometime, a kind of wood with less pattern and texture is better than wood with pattern and texture. Solid wood is better than plywood, because solid wood has hardness level more than plywood. Using solid wood is more durable than plywood. Wood picture frames with perfect finishing is best choice.

Distressed Wood Picture Frames

Now when we will select the right wood picture frames for our portrait we can start from portraits itself. Starting with portrait character, each of these portraits usually are taken in certain time. So, every portraits also reflect and represent certain time. We can start from this understanding. We can make three categories period for every portraits here: old, medium and modern. Old represent tens years ago, medium represent 5 up to 10 years ago and modern represent today up to 5 years ago.

Custom Wood Picture Frames

For old portraits period, wood picture frames with antique ornaments are fit. Carving ornaments style are great choice. Choose brown or black color. Avoid glossy color. Glossy color is not match with past time atmosphere. Surrounding this frames are decorated with ornaments. These ornaments can come in various style. Choose which is better for artistic looking and it can represent the old period time.

For medium portraits period, wood picture frames with less antique ornaments are fit. For this type, we must restrict amount of ornaments surrounding this frame. Less ornaments are better. Carving or line ornaments are well for applying here. Brown or black color are match for this type.

For modern portrait period, we must use least ornaments. If necessary without ornaments at all. All colors available can be applied for this type. This type represent modern atmosphere, so minimalistic and simplicity are best choice for this type.

If necessary we can order custom wood picture frames. There are more variations and combinations for custom type. We can add picture or writing ornaments surrounding this frame. Pretty look, but it’s more expensive than buying ready made wood picture frames.

Helpful Tips For Selecting The Right Wood Picture Frames For Your Portraits: Wood Picture FramesHelpful Tips For Selecting The Right Wood Picture Frames For Your Portraits: Distressed Wood Picture FramesHelpful Tips For Selecting The Right Wood Picture Frames For Your Portraits: Custom Wood Picture Frames

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