How to Build a Bookshelf Wall

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How to build a bookshelf wall should be easy and can be done in few simple steps. This is also a way in saving your money as well as to create your own bookshelf dream. Perhaps you have your dream bookshelf design but could not find any at the store, or perhaps it is way to expensive. So, building your own bookshelf is a good choice because you can make sure that it is absolutely suits your need. You do not have to have carpentry skills or great in design. You only need to learn the tips and tricks, and if you do not have the time at all, you can simply put the order to the carpenter. Wall bookshelf is usually consisting of three plywood boxes, which is fitted with a hardwood face frame. This piece will get the build-in looks since it spans from wall to wall. And it is trimmed with molding at the ceiling and floor.

bookshelf wall

How to build a bookshelf wall is actually depends on your budget, but we can trick it of course. To get the project start, you need to make a choice on the material, whether it is a conventional plywood or recycled material. If you can do some designs, that is better. It will help and guide you through the project. This plans can also help you to find which style that will suit with your room. This is important since you have to consider your room also. It is not good enough if your “masterpiece” only gets your eyebrow raised every time you look at it.

wall bookshelf

If you have decided on how to build a bookshelf wall, and is ready with the design plans and materials, you can start to build the base first. Then go on with assembling the bookcase.

wall bookshelf

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