How to Decorate a Hallway in Your Lovely Home

How to decorate a hallway? If you have that hallway in your room that is quite plain you can probably decorate it to cheer it up. Whether you have long, opens or narrow to a doorway, hallways are pretty common in most homes. But sometimes the homeowner might underestimate it when decorating, so it comes to plain and boring hallways. Hallways or corridors in your home are supposed to deliver people through your home, so it should be an experience that is more interesting and exciting since it is not a tunnel. If you are planning to decorate the hallway make sure that it is not too overcrowd. Hallway is usually at the entrance of your home that leads to a stairway or to another room. You can use furniture that is close to the walls. Also use vertical wall space for decorative mirrors, artwork and wall lighting sconces. With this way you can add decorative touches visually.

how to decorate hallway

How to decorate a hallway can be easy if you keep in mind that your hallway should be inviting. Choose vivid colors whether your hallway is in the front entry, or it is in the back of the house that leads to the garage. If you have narrower hallways, you can use lighter colors to open up the dark corridor, and you can do the opposite also. Also consider to paint baseboard trim and door trim in a cool neutral tone to bring out the color of the walls. If you have a room, you can add a welcoming chair, or a floor vase of natural elements, like bamboo for visual height.

how to decorate hallway

If you are not interested in how to decorate a hallway, it is still okay. Plain hallway is not always bad. Sometimes it is better to leave the hallway in plain atmosphere, but you can still add a decor as the focal point to make the eyes to travel.

how to decorate hallway


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How to Decorate a Hallway in Your Lovely Home: how to decorate a hallwayHow to Decorate a Hallway in Your Lovely Home: hallway decorationsHow to Decorate a Hallway in Your Lovely Home: how to decorate hallway

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