How To Replace Old Tile And Change With New Tile

Maybe, with some reasons we will replace our ceramic tiles, such as we feel bored with our old tile or there’s a lot old damage or broken tile in our floor. Sometime, repair or replace some broken tiles are more difficult than changing all tiles at once. Nowadays, tile development industry is very modern. There are new ceramic tiles come in beautiful texture, pattern, color and has strength level more than old tile. It give us a lot of options for choosing best new tiles for our home. Now, we learn how to replace tile in the right way.

How To Replace Tile

Assuming we will change all tiles at one, use hammer, trowel and crowbar for doing it. We start from the end, near the wall. Use crowbar for removing tile. If it’s very hard for removing, use hammer for breaking it. After these tiles are break, we can remove one by one use trowel. We must flatten this surface using hoe or shovel. Then prepare rope, cement, sand and water. We should apply step by step basic principles of how to replace tile well.

How To Replace Tile In Bathroom

The next step of how to replace tile is putting rope on two opposite positions of wall in horizontal or vertical position. It will be help guidance for placing tiles in straight arrangements. Now make cement and water in appropriate mixture. Use it for placing these tile. Put this mixture into these surface ground with trowel, and then put tile above it. For making flat position, use wood for hitting these tile. Don’t use hammer. It can damage new tile. Place one by one all new tiles following that rope as guidance. Make sure all placed new tiles are in flat position. So, be carefully when arranging these tiles. It’s not easy repair these positions after all tiles placed.

How To Replace Floor Tile

Some time, we can not place all tiles in perfect way, because the dimension of room is not multiple size of tiles. On the end position near wall, sometime we must cut tiles. If we must do it, use diamond cutting blade for it. After cutting, use sandpaper for smoothing side surface of tiles.

After all tiles are placed all around room, use white cement for fulfilling space between each tiles. It has two functions. First, for pasting each tiles altogether and second for aesthetic purpose. It’s not good use ordinary cement for this part. It will destroy aesthetic aspect. Last, use water for cleaning all the dirt on tiles after finishing install new tiles and cement has been dried and hard.

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How To Replace Old Tile And Change With New Tile: How To Replace TileHow To Replace Old Tile And Change With New Tile: How To Replace Tile In BathroomHow To Replace Old Tile And Change With New Tile: How To Replace Floor Tile

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