Learn How To Design Comfortable Living Room For Your Home

Besides kitchen, living room is the essential space we must consider. This is a place for our guests. The atmosphere of this living room make our guests become more relax and enjoy in our home.  There are several options for designing this living room. We can change our living room into classic or modern style. Some aspects we should consider relating this point are living room space, color scheme, furniture material, lighting and accessories. If we can apply these aspects in unity form we can create a good design living room.

Design Living Room

Before organizing our furniture and design living room, we should know first the size of our living room space. If the space is not wide enough, we should not place a lot of furniture and accessories here. Put all of these will make our living room become crowded. It will not make our guests feel relax. Avoid this possibility with appropriate plan. Put necessary furniture, such as table and chairs. Give a free space so our living room is looked more loose. Place table cover and flower in a vase. Put several pillows on each chairs. A good painting is good idea. Selecting a painting in bright color theme for wall decoration. Put it on the wall behind the chair where the homeowner sitting down. No matter if we place more than one painting. If necessary, place additionally wall decoration, such as wall clock. Choose the same theme for this wall clock.

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Other design living room idea, put book shelves near the chairs. Shelves from plywood or solid wood are good for it. Arrange all of our book collections here. It will improve visual appearance of our living room. Our guests can read these books and then discussing with the homeowner.

Design Living Room Colors

Now look at the window. Good curtains will help improving our living room better. Choose fresh curtains pattern and themes. Linen cloth is better. Using natural themes for our window dressing is great. It can make our living room is looked close to nature. In the day, open the curtains and let sun light entering into living room.

Color scheme of our interior play critical role. Use colors in unity form for the whole interior room, including living room. These colors combinations must be in harmony. For relaxing atmosphere, we can choose light green or blue for our wall. If we like creating romantic or sexy living room, we can combine pink and yellow. If we like modern looking, combine light color and furniture that are built from stainless steel, glass and leather. Choosing of furniture color must follow wall color.

Last, put attractive lamps for living room with right voltage and wattage. Don’t make mistake in choosing lamp power here. Too small will make living room rather dark and too big will make living room very bright in night city. It is not comfortable for our eyes. Additionally, beautiful table lamp is good idea as decorating stuff here. Put it near homeowner chair position.

Learn How To Design Comfortable Living Room For Your Home: Design Living RoomLearn How To Design Comfortable Living Room For Your Home: Design Your Own Living RoomLearn How To Design Comfortable Living Room For Your Home: Design Living Room Colors

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