Selecting The Right Color That Will Affect Positive Mood For Your Family

Have you ever thought that different color bring different atmosphere and automatically influence your mood. Certain color bring certain mood. So be careful when choosing color before painting your room. Color is not color itself. But it has meaning and express personality, mood, psychology condition. The right  color will bring positive effect, the wrong color bring negative effect. So, it’s important to know how do colors affect moods.

How Do Colors Affect Moods

Modern psychology science has learned these colors characters and how these colors will affect for every persons. We will learn how do colors affect moods principles and then apply into our room interior. Nowadays, these secret understanding has been applied widely in modern business. Most of interior professional has applied this concept when designing store for attracting all visitors. It happens because there’s strong relationship between colors and human behavior.

How Do Colors Affect Your Mood

Starting for our home for applying this how do colors affect moods concept. Basic principle, light and bright colors tend to bring positive and optimist effect and dark colors tend bring negative and pessimist effect.

How Colors Affect Moods

Living Room. For this room, soft green, grey and blue color are right. These colors have calm effect. These colors can influence our guest become more calm, relax and less tension. More relax means they will feel more comfortable when visiting our home.

Bedroom. Similar with living room, soft green and blue are the right colors, without grey color. We will feel more relax with these colors. Besides that, soft green has good character for healing purpose. Perfect match for returning our condition after full day working in office. For boys bedroom, soft green and blues is right, but for girls, pink is perfect color. This pink color can bring romantic atmosphere and this color is fit with feminine character for our girls.

Kitchen. For this place, bright yellow and red are perfect choice. This color can transform happiness atmosphere. Good atmosphere for gathering our family here when breakfast and diner. Besides that, this color can stimulate our brain become more clear for thinking. Good atmosphere when discussing together with our family members here.

Family Room And Basement. Similar with kitchen color choice, we can apply bright yellow and red here. It can bring happiness and excitement atmosphere. It can create happiness. Same colors for basement if we function this basement for exciting family place, such as for sport room, game room and doing fun activities.

Best suggestion, before painting every room, think first what goal we will create for this room and then select the right colors with considering the colors characters.

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Selecting The Right Color That Will Affect Positive Mood For Your Family: How Do Colors Affect MoodsSelecting The Right Color That Will Affect Positive Mood For Your Family: How Do Colors Affect Your MoodSelecting The Right Color That Will Affect Positive Mood For Your Family: How Colors Affect Moods

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